The there is to know about BAAThe there is to know about BAA

The Ultimate Guide to BAA Jobs


Airports are the gateway to the world, and when flying
from destination to destination, millions of passengers pass through these hubs
every single day. Airports are not just buildings which allow travel, but they
are now theme parks, they’re shopping malls, they’re hospitality areas, and
they’re museums. Basically, airports are never just that, and with the boom of
worldwide travel, it’s vital to keep the passenger happy, both before they fly,
after, and of course, during.

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In order for airports to run smoothly, countless staff
work tirelessly every single day, in roles which vary wildly, from teams of
cleaning staff to security officers, airport police to ground handling staff,
check in desk staff to bar and restaurant waiting staff, the list goes on. Of
course, airports never close, so shift patterns can be long, and they can be
varied. This works wonderfully well for many people, especially those who need
to fit their working hours around a busy or varied lifestyle.


If you want a fast paced, varied, and never dull job,
one which allows you to meet people from all over the world, and one which ensures
one day is never the same as the next, an airport job is for you.


This guide is however about BAA jobs, so in order to tell you all there is to know about BAA careers and potential future
progression, we first need to find out the basics.


Who is BAA?


BAA are better known as BAA Heathrow, or Heathrow
Airport Holdings Limited. Despite the clue in the name, BAA jobs are not only located at Heathrow Airport, although there
are many BAA Heathrow jobs on offer.


BAA own four UK airports, and are responsible for
their smooth running overall. These airports are London Heathrow Airport,
Southampton Airport, Glasgow Airport, and Aberdeen Airport. Whilst Heathrow is
certainly the largest and busiest of those four, seeing an average of 75.7
million passengers pass through its doors in 2016, the remaining three airports
are also responsible for the safe passage of countless travellers every single
year. Glasgow Airport alone sees an average of over 9 million passengers every
year, with Southampton also almost reaching 2 million, as a low cost airline


As you can imagine, BAA is therefore seriously big
business, and with profit margins like this on the line, they consider their
employees to be at the heart of everything. For this reason, BAA employees are
treated very well indeed, with favourable salaries, a number of benefits, and
career progression available. We will get onto the nitty gritty of all of that
a little later on.


For now, let’s learn more about BAA overall.


Aside from owning and running the four mentioned
airports, BAA is one of the world’s largest transportation companies on the
planet. They have a share in Qatar Holdings, and China investment Corporation,
as well as once operating several US airports under the BAA name.


Nowadays, BAA’s functions are centred at their four UK
airports, with Heathrow of course being the main focus.



Where are BAA Jobs located?


As we just mentioned when talking a little about BAA’s
background, BAA careers are located
at the four main airport sites, so plentiful BAA Heathrow jobs, but also at
Aberdeen Airport, Glasgow Airport, and Southampton Airport too. These jobs run
over a huge variety of different shift patterns, and with salary varying
wildly, depending upon the job role.


Within the airport itself, you could be working
airside, within the arrivals section, the departures section, the car parks, or
in the grounds surrounding the airports.


To give you an idea of the size of this company, BAA
is one of the country’s biggest single site employers around.


What Type of Roles Are Available Working For BAA?


BAA jobs are hugely varied, and within each job role there is diversity in
terms of shift pattern also. There is sure to be a BAA career that is suited to you, however some of the most popular
include security roles, operation, supervision and management roles, as well as
the large number of apprenticeship that BAA encourages prospective employees to
go for. Learning on the job is one of the best ways to understand the aviation
and hospitality industries, and BAA like to mould and shape their future
workforce trough early training and development.


Heathrow Airport houses around 82 different airlines,
and over 180 different destinations are catered within that. On top of this,
there is a large number of leisure facilities on site, which although not
directly managed by BAA Heathrow itself, do ensure that staff work within the
grounds of the airport, giving an important insight into possibly a future


We also have BAA Heathrow Academy, which aims to hire
the right people for each role, looking for set skills and a team working,
innovative attitude.


BAA Heathrow
jobs, or indeed jobs at any of the BAA run airports
are not only about supporting the country’s economy and ensuring that travellers
get from A to B safely and effectively, but also about giving employees a safe,
comfortable, exciting, and enjoyable place to work. Currently, over 76,000 employees
work at Heathrow Airport alone, with thousands more at the three other BAA
owned airport sites. Working within a fast paced, customer focused environment
gives a varied feel to every single day, and brings a sense of achievement when
shift ends.

What Type of Career Progression is Available When Working
For BAA?


BAA actively encourage career progression for all employees,
whether working at a lower level or a higher management level. The apprenticeship
programme enables younger staff members to work their way up through the ranks,
however this programme is also available to older members of staff who perhaps
want to change direction within their career. This is actively encouraged.


When a member of staff leaves, their position will be
advertised externally, as per guidelines, however members of staff from within
the team who feel they are of the right level to apply, and who want to
progress and develop themselves, will be encouraged to apply and will be given
support to do so.


How to Apply For a Job at BAA


BAA Heathrow
jobs, as well as jobs at Southampton Airport,
Aberdeen Airport, and Glasgow Airport are encouraged to apply online via the
website. Within the hiring process, applicants who live locally are given first
consideration, especially for BAA jobs
at Heathrow, because the company value the work life balance, and consider
living close to work a great way to achieve it.


Upon registering on the website and applying for a
job, applicants will be contacted directly if they are successfully shortlisted
for a positon, and from there a job interview date and time will be arranged. If
successful, the applicant will be offered the position formally by letter, following
employment checks and references.


What Skills And Qualifications do BAA Look For?


BAA careers are, as we mentioned, very varied and that means that a huge
variety of different skills and qualifications are required for each and every
one. The apprenticeship programme in particular is ideal for younger applicants,
and BAA works with local schools to identify any potential stars of the future.
In addition however, the following skills are considered favourable for any BAA
job choice.


Effective communication skills

Favourable personal appearance,
e.g. well kept and groomed

A hard working attitude

The ability to work within a

The ability to think fast and
be a problem solver

The ability to remain calm in
the face of pressure

Customer service qualifications
or experience

A good time keeper


A willingness and eagerness to


For each individual position there may be set qualifications,
e.g. for a management position there will be a requirement for a management qualification,
e.g. a degree and relevant experience. For other roles, there may be no set qualification
or experience required, simply the above skills demonstrated both on the
application form and at interview. It’s always a good idea to peruse the wide
range of BAA careers on offer at any
one time on the website, to familiarise yourself with any set qualifications
that are required.


What to Expect From Working at BAA


A day’s work will never be boring, and the day will
certainly not go slow! There will be no clock watching here! Throughout your
day to day life you will come into contact with countless people, from all over
the world, some happy, some sad, some annoyed, some overjoyed, some nervous, some
excited, and that variation will be what makes your job so interesting. You
will also be working with a large range of different colleagues, often changing
as shift patterns change too, and this means you will need to be able to work
as part of a changing team, adapting and shifting accordingly.


Aside from a competitive salary, there are a few other
benefits that come from BAA jobs.
Working for a large employer means that extras tend to come as standard. In
this case, you can expect the following:


A quality pension – Employees will contribute
5% of their monthly salary, and BAA will add another 10% on top.

Counselling and guidance programmes for all employees, with contact
numbers available 24/7 – This can cover anything
from financial issues to relationship problems, and everything in-between. BAA
like their employees to feel comfortable and supported, because they appreciate
that when something adverse is going on in their personal life, it can affect
their performance at work too.

Private health care plans for employees
– A comprehensive health plan is offered to all employees and if an employee
has a private plan already, they are offered half of the cost back as a

A safe, secure, and pleasant working environment – BAA ensures that every employee has a good work and home life
balance, and also ensures that no member of staff has to work in an environment
in which they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Encouraged career progression – As we
mentioned before, staff members who want to progress higher up the ladder are
encouraged and supported in doing so.


When working for BAA,, either through on of the many BAA Heathrow jobs or elsewhere, staff
will always be supported, and there are clear lines of communication for anyone
who has a problem or issue. The staffing pyramid is not set in a hierarchy,
although every member of staff will have a supervisor, who they can approach
and speak to confidentially if there is an issue or problem going on. There are
also set policies and procedures in place throughout the organisation, to deal
with any arising complications or situations, e.g. maternity leave, grievance
procedure, annual leave, and other employment related common scenarios.


Potential Salary When Working at BAA


It is impossible to give a set salary to expect, as
each role has its each sliding salary in place. This salary will depend on the
level of responsibility given to the employee, as well as how long they have
worked for the organisation. This can be clearly seen on applying for a job
with BAA, the the scale set out on the application.


Are There Any Downsides?


Not really!


Working for BAA is considered to be a great experience
throughout, and not many people can claim that they enjoy their job! Working in
a fast paced environment such as a large airport is something which will ensure
every day is different, is an enjoyable experience overall. Employees can never
be sure what is going to happen that day, and the ability to think fast and on
their feet is imperative. This gives a thrill, a real sense of achievement at
the end of the day, and with many benefits and a wonderful environment in which
to work, BAA careers are certainly wonderful
ladders on which to begin climbing, no matter which rung you begin on.


If you’re interesting in BAA jobs, bookmark the website on your laptop or mobile deice, and
set up alerts when a new job is advertised, fitting your criteria. This will
ensure that you never miss out on an opportunity that could be set to come your