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The MSc Psychology conversion course will be the first step towards achieving my dream of practicing as a professional psychologist. Given my non-psychology background in both my undergraduate degree as well as my past work experience, I anticipate this course will help me develop knowledge and understanding of the core areas of psychology, practical skills in research methodologies, provide exposure to research thesis in the form of my own independent research project and also help me develop transferable skills in critical thinking, presentation writing and delivery, and report and essay writing. At the end of the course, I expect to have gained a comprehensive understanding of why we think and act the way we do – how society and personality influence our behaviour, and to be able to apply that knowledge to many different aspects of the society.
Additionally, this course will allow me to acquire the BPS-accredited qualification necessary to pursue a career in psychology as well as to go on and train to become a professional Child and Educational psychologist through the professional doctorate course. I am very excited and look forward to taking this first step towards a professional career in psychology.

Once I decided to pursue the MSc Psychology conversion course in 2018, I began my research into London based colleges that offer the course and narrowed down my choices to 3 three universities based on course content, duration, fee and ease of commute. Attending the Open Days programme helped solidify my decision to apply to UEL.
Apart from the fact that the School of Psychology at UEL is one of the top Psychology schools in the UK and was ranked equal first for its 100% research impact1, the UEL ethos of believing that individual psychological processes need to be considered primarily in their social and cultural contexts rather than just a medical one strongly resonates with me. I am also impressed by the idea of being tutored by a combination of both research-active academics and practitioners that would give me a wide range of learning, experiences and insights (Imagine my thrill when I found out that Dr. Sam Wass from The Secret Life of…. is a UEL academic!). 
And finally my conversations with a dear friend who is studying for her PhD at UEL has further strengthened my desire to study psychology at UEL. So here I am!

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