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The book walk two moons by sharon creech is unlike most stories, as it is actually a story within a story. The author uses two main characters whose names are Sal and Phoebe. The author uses sals story to help tell phoebe’s story. From early on the story becomes intertwined and Sal is the narrator for Phoebe’s story as well as her own. They main focus of this book are Sals relationship with Phoebe, the diffectly accepting the death of a parent, and a relationship with a grandparent.   Although Sal and Phoebe appear to have different personalities they are actually more alike than you think. They share one of the most difficult kinds of conflicts, which is the loss of a mother in some respect. Both girls share many of the same feelings. They have had to change and  grow from childhood to adulthood while taking on all of the struggles and confusion that go along with it. They both are very scared but nonetheless lean on each other to get through it all.    Early in the story sal kinda gives hints of her mom being dead. Like on page 3 sal states ” shortly after my mother left us one april morning”. And goes on she also says “on the night that we got the bad news that she was not returning.”,” she’s resting peacefully in idaho.”these were all clues that she was dead. But she never totally said she was gonna. But that wasn’t it sal wanted to get to her mother’s resting place on her mom’s birthday.  Sal and grams had a pretty good relationship they both were very close to each other.later in the story grams gets bitten by a snake and rushed to the hospital. Later Gramps get a call that Grams has died in the hospital. After this sal was sad because she had lost her mom and grandma. So they went back to the farm and buried her. But when grams dies it didn’t really affect the story like the death of sals mom did. they kinda just move on, but at the time there was a lot more with the notes and the lunatic Mrs cadaver and sals dad.  The forces that changed sal in the book walk two moons were the death of her mother a great friendship and a  relationship with her grandmother. These things all changed sal and made her grow as a person. She accepted her mother’s death and leaned on her best friend for help, she also had to accept her grandmother’s death which made her sad but not as much as her mother these are all examples of external and internal forces that changed her and made her grow.     

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