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The incident after which I became very much inclined
towards analytics was when I watched two movies: ‘Moneyball’ and ’21’. These
movies are based on real-life stories. In the former, I was amazed to see how
analytics and statistics helped the team Oakland A’s in the movie to win 20
games in a row despite being handicapped with the lowest salary constraint. In,
’21’, a group of college students created a scheme based on statistical
techniques that makes them become a winner in the game of Black Jack. These
movies sparked a fire in me.

With the gigantic amount of data present in the world
today and the need to harness this information to make businesses more
profitable, Data Science has become one of the fastest growing fields. Blue
chip companies have enormous sets of information and they take advantage of
these large datasets by using software tools for big data analysis. With this,
I recognized the importance of learning analytics. Mathematics has always been
my favorite subject in school; Statistics and Calculus being my favorite

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Analytics is a field that will always be around as long
as somebody is building the machines because people will always want to know
something and we’ve pretty much figured out how to do so. I want to develop an
expertise in this field so that I can help businesses to make more data-driven decisions
to maximize profit.

I’ve always had an edge for mathematics during school
which can be depicted by a perfect GPA in Grade 10 and 95/100 in Grade 12. My
passion for Mathematics and Physics led me to pursue Engineering as my
undergraduate major. Pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manipal
University Jaipur has empowered me to develop good quantitative skills. Even
during my undergrad, I was able to earn a GPA of 9.36/10 in subjects that
included statistics, calculus, algebra, and operations research. A near-perfect
quantitative score (168/170) in the GRE provides my number crunching

I have profound knowledge in C and C++ which I learned
from one of my courses during undergrad. I have studied about computer
fundamentals, algorithms, operating system fundamentals, number system, C/C++
programming, data types, variables, operators, expressions, statements, control
structures, functions, recursions, arrays and pointers, records(structures),
files, input/output, standard library functions and elementary data structures.
Laboratory experiments include assignment on branching, looping, functions,
recursions, arrays, pointers and structures. But I realized that I lack
knowledge in Python and R which are the most basic needs of analytics industry.
To fill this gap I’ve started online courses. I am currently pursuing 3
courses; a course of customer analytics by Wharton School of Business from
Coursera where I have to study basics of descriptive, predictive, prescriptive
analytics and using regression model for analytics, secondly, a course of R
which is an integrated suite of software facilities with vectors, dataframes,
regression, and data visualization in it; Lastly, Python for Data Science and
Machine Learning Bootcamp by Udemy in which I have to learn how to use NumPy,
Pandas, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Plotly, Scikit-Learn, Machine Learning,
Tensorflow. I plan on completing these courses in the next two months.


Although I have done my internship in a mechanical
manufacturing firm, my topic was Statistical Process Control in which I had to
deal with loads of data and give out solutions by analyzing it with statistical
methods. There was a lot of number crunching in the whole term. During my
internship, I learned how different functional teams work in collaboration to
deliver a particular project. I started to see things from a holistic point of
view. This is when I started to shift my focus towards business along with
technology, rather than technology alone.


Post this degree, my long-term aim is to start off as a
Junior Analyst and work on smaller projects which will help me to work on
bigger ones in a seamless manner independently. I would love to use this
knowledge to work for giants like Adobe. Google and Uber etc. which have
previously recruited students from your master’s program. This program offers
hands-on experience with real data in real organizations during the Practicum
that will be beneficial to survive in the corporate world. Due to the quality
and rigor of this program, it offers competitive peers to study with. My
short-term goal is to attain excellence in all three aspects of analytics;
understanding the business side, doing the analysis, and being able to execute
these results by computation. The Master of Science in Data Science program is
like a perfect harmony to my goals. Businesses do not fully realize the
potential that they would get from business analytics.

Lastly, I have acquired the interpersonal and
communication skills necessary to work in a business and professional
environment by participating in various college fests. I once headed a team of
associates for photographic coverage of college cultural fest. Along with this,
I’ve been a volunteer for ‘The Art of Living Foundation (NGO) for 6 years doing
humanitarian work which spurred compassion and empathy in me. I am confident
that I am well prepared to meet the demands of your program, and I greatly
appreciate your consideration. I eagerly look forward to being part of your
community and add to its diversity.