The to the Jinn (devils), spells, witchcraftThe to the Jinn (devils), spells, witchcraft

The Origins of EvilAnas Abdul Karim BennyAUST  Table of ContentContentsTable of Content 2Abstract 3The Origins of Evil 4The Effects of Sins. 8The Direct effect. 8The Indirect Effect. 10Reference. 11 AbstractThe Origin Evil Began with Man’s First Sins. By Biblical and Quranic stories, man’s first sin on earth was envy and murder. Moreover, that took place in the story of Cain and Abel, where Cain killed his brother Abel because God preferred Abel over him. However, Cain’s Sins never stopped there they continued to his younger and younger generations were music and adultery got created. In this story, Shaitan (Satan) created musical instruments and made parties which attracted more and more people, people used to get drunk and commit Zina (Adultery). After that in a great time came the evilest and the most corrupt city that came into existence during that time, the city of Sodom And Gomorrah. It is called the city of Sin, this city was engaging in forbidden acts, and they were proud of them. Some of these sins are same-sex intercourse, robbery, adultery, and much more. This city received three punishments from God, which was the most punishments given to one group of people. During or around that time another problem was starting to be created, magic, connection to the Jinn (devils), spells, witchcraft and more. God sent, Harout and Marout, two angles to teach magic. However, they came with a big disclaimer “a’Nama nahno fitnaton lakom,” we are a test from Allah so don’t commit Kufr by studying with us. They learned what they would use to cause division between a man and his wife.God promises the people who commit these sins that they will not receive the slightest of portions of Jannah. Also, we will talk about the effects of too much evil, which corresponds to the Muslims believe of the end of days, or the Day of Judgment. Keywords:  Envy, Murder, Musical Instruments, Music and Song, Parties, Adultery, displaying beauty, Magic, same-sex intercourse, the Day of Judgment.The Origins of EvilOur origins head back to as far as the oral and written history goes. Humans have collected words to write sentences and then collected sentences to make paragraphs and from paragraph came pages and from pages came books. To this day these books are still being used for spiritual and ethical guidance; they are called the holy books, Torah, Bible, and Quran. These books, though seemingly show biases, give us glimpses and insights into what was the life of the first man and also to all people after him. This holy scripture gives us moral laws and gives us rules by the storytelling of those who have done good or bad, which often leaves us with moral lessons. We will consider the creation of some sins in this research, and these sins are Envy and murder found in the story of Cain and Abel. Creation of musical instrument and Parties coupled with adultery and drunkness in the story of Cain and Prophet sheeth peace be upon him. We will also consider the use of magic which was brought up by two angels that were sent by God in the story of Harout and Marout. We will also bring up the evilest city of its time the city of Soddom, and their life of robbery, theft, adultery, same-sex relationships, drunkness, bestiality, and more. The OriginThe first sin ever recorded in any holy book was the sin of Cain, the son of Adam and the brother of Abel. Their story drew much attention because Cain was the creator of these hideous sins, Envy or jealousy, and Murder. The Story starts with the birth of two twins. The first year Prophet Adam peace be upon him was blessed with his first twin, one boy, and one girl. The first boy is called Cain. In the following year, Allah blessed Adam with another twin, one boy, and one girl. The second boy was named Abel. The first twins had an not so attractive man and an attractive woman. However, the second twins had an attractive man and a not so attractive female. Moreover, when the time came for them to get married Allah instructed Adam that only the twin sister of the other brother is allowed to get married to him, meaning Cain’s twin sister is only allowed to marry Abel, and Abel’s twin sister is only allowed to get married to Cain. This rule created a conflict because Cain wanted to have the better-looking wife than Abel, This is the creation of envy which leads to more extreme behaviors. Cain then went and argued with his father about this decision. So, Adam proposed a deal to both; each will get the best Sacrifice and offer it to God and Allah will Choose who will get Cain’s twin sister. Cain was a farmer and Abel was a Shepherd. Cain did not have an outstanding season with his plantation, so he decided to get the weaker plants he had, and to save his better plants for later. Abel, however, decided to get the Best and Fattest sheep he owned and sacrifice it to God.When the day of Sacrifice Came and both brought there to sacrifice to God, Allah sent fire from the heavens to the sacrifice of Abel to show appreciation and acceptance. Cain then got angry at his father, Adam, in which he told him that God preferred Abel’s only because he invoked Allah to do so. Cain was so furious and full of rage that Cain swore to Abel that Cain would kill him so that Abel would not marry his sister. Abel replied that he would not fight back even though Abel was more dominant in strength and body build.” If thou dost stretch thy hand against me, to slay me, it is not for me to stretch my hand against thee to slay thee: for I fear Allah, the Cherisher of the worlds “”???????? ????????? ??????? ?????? ?????????????? ???? ????? ????????? ??????? ???????? ???????????? ? ???????? ??????? ??????? ????? ?????????????.”?(Surah Al Maidah 5:28)The next sin that was created by humanity was during Prophet Seth’s time. Satan was the being who made this sin, but the people are those who acted upon them. Cain decided that he will leave the household of his family and that he will take his own family to another place further down the valley. God told Seth that no one is allowed to interact or communicate with Cain group, not for any reason. Satan plotted a plan that he will shape himself as if he is from Seth’s side, and Satan will go to Cain’s side pretending that he is from Seth’s side. Now there was a very distinct feature that separates them from each other. Seth’s people had outstanding looking men, but not very good looking women. However, Cain’s people had Bad looking men, but they had excellent looking women. So when Satan came as a perfect looking man to Cain’s people, they welcomed him as if he was one of their own. He asked for a job to make money and to be able to trade, and it told that he was a very hard working man. Throughout the time of his work he would grab a piece of leather and tied it to a hollow trunk, and he would beat on it, this created weird sounds that they never heard before. Moreover, he would get sticks and beat on it, and that would also make different sounds. These beating and the instrument was called the drum. He would then make more musical instruments, and people would always gather around him to hear these sounds. So these people then scheduled a specific time where all the people of Cain would gather and listen to the music get drunk and dance and party. Sundays then became our day offs, because of how Cain’s people would get so drunk that they would not be able to work the next day due to there hangover and such. Within time the people of Seth grew anyone as they watch how the people of Cain became more advanced than them. So, shaytan when to a group of teenagers that are on Seth’s side and asked them why don’t they join their parties, and the teenagers answered: “the God of Seth asks us that we should not interact nor communicate with Cains people.” Moreover, so Shaytan started growing doubt in their mind by asking them, “But Why?, is it Fair? Whats wrong with that? Why is it like this?” and asked more of these doubting questions. One day these group of teenagers decided that they would sneak out in the night before the parties started and when they came in and saw the beautiful women of Cain they became excited and so were the women of Cain excited as well. The women started Beautifying themselves so that they would attract more male partners. Moreover, these teenagers came with bigger and bigger group every time. So, new sins got made “Tabaroj,” and “Zina.” The next and maybe the most widely spread sin used in these days is the sin of Magic. The story of this sin has a difference in opinions by the Mufassir. In which the verse in (Surah Al Baqarah 2:102) is deciphered and understood in different ways in correspondence to other verses and sayings. The story falls around two angels named Harut and Marut who taught the people of Babylon Magic, but the controversy starts about on whether or not these angels directly taught people magic or only sending them to a place only they knew where people would learn magic. However, whether Harut and Marut had direct contact with this sin or not, we understand that the people of Babylon were closely related to the creation of this blasphemous sin. This sin cuts some rules that God has set forth to people and leads millions of people to a very dark side of nature that we are not intended to be. These reasons are why this sin is possibly the worst sin anyone could ever do.?????? ??????? ????? ????????????? ????????? ???????? ?????????? ????? ???????????? ???? ?????? ?????? ???????? ???????? ?????? ???????? ????? ???????? ???????????????? ????????? ??? ???????????? ???? ?????? ????????? ???????????(Surah Al Baqarah 2:102)The following group of sins leads God almighty to deem its people The Worst being of there time. These people are the people of Soddom or the people of Prophet Lut. The people of Sodom were very notorious for being Theifs and highway robbers, they were also notorious for being adulterous and Homoerotic lives (only men there were gays, and they only were the people that made affairs), and they also had sexual interactions with animals. These people took on robbing every possible person passing by there village, and they also robbed each other. The men always engaged in sexual relationships with other men while their wifes knew about the relationship. They also engaged in and had sexual lives with animals. These sins made god punish them in the most gruesome way any tribe got tortured.The Effects of SinsSins have direct and indirect effects on humanity. The direct effects are the effects that are made by his direct terrible deeds. For example, when a person is very dishonest to people the sin of dishonesty would then haunt him by having people not believe him and deem him as a liar, and it would haunt his conscious thoughts by making him feel guilt or shame. So we can understand that the direct effect harms the persons conscious or feelings and harms his statues in his community. However, the indirect effect of the sins has a much more complicated manner of measuring and affecting the people. The indirect effect of sins only comes when humans have made a significant number of sin to the extent that God see’s that there is no more coming back. We should know that sin has both direct and indirect effect in the sense that the effect will take place when directly, and then the more sin we do will cause the indirect effect to take place.The Direct effect.After considering what the effect is, and why and how they take place. We should consider what the direct effect of the sins we talked about (The sins are in the abstract under keywords). To simplify and find out what are the direct effects of the specific sins we needed to pick out evidence that occurred during the story of the sinners1.      Envy: the consequence of envy on our conscious are self-loath, guilt and shame. Moreover, the envier would face exclusion from his community. We see the self-loathing, guilt and shame of Cain in (Surah Al Maidah 5:31), we also observe his exclusion from the community in the story of Cain and Seth(Sheath).????????? ??????? ???????? ????????? ???? ????????? ?????????? ?????? ????????? ???????? ???????? ? ????? ????????????? ?????????? ???? ???????? ?????? ????? ?????????? ??????????? ???????? ?????? ? ?????????? ???? ????????????? (Surah Al Maidah 5:31)2.      Murder: murder directly affects a person mind, physiological changes happen in the brain. These changes are what makes a person a murderer. When a person commits this act the person would often feel relieved at first, but then the person would feel guilty, that person would then the community will mark that person as a threat for the rest of his life. We also observe his guilt in (Surah Al Maidah 5:31), and we also observe that Cain and his people are marked out by God and the rest of the humans that existed at that time when God prohibited the people of Seth to mix with the people of Cain.3.      Music: in this category, we will consider playing Musical instruments, music and songs, and parties. These all affect a person with exaggerated feelings, depending on what a person feels he listens or plays music. This music would then exaggerate certain feelings, these feelings may prove unwanted and would affect our psyche in an unwanted manner. In the case of the people of Cain, these overstated feeling were of excitement or ecstasy. The feelings that took place made it possible for these people to do adultery, and we know that adultery is a sin4.      Adultery: the reason for adultery being a sin is because it creates an unhealthy and relationship between couples, were couples would exercise unhealthy boundaries and would exercise unhealthy chemistry that would affect their ability in raising a child, or even being productive in life. These unhealthy relationships are evident and widely spread today; we often see couples asking each other “who are they talking too?”. Alternatively, “who’s that person?”. Alternatively, even would go to the extent of giving out their passwords. Also, couples would often fall into this kind of stuff even if they do not exercise adultery5.      Beauty Display (Tabaroj): the term “Tabaroj” refers to when someone displays there physical beauties to attract mates or to attract other sexual partners. This act is a sin due to its enhancing the probability of adultery. In the past Beauty displaying was a willful act, it was something a woman does willfully. However, nowadays beauty displaying is something that is crucial for a woman to do before they would even show themselves to there spouses. Tabaroj has directly lead to the increase in sexual crimes. Also, it has directly increased the rates of having unhealthy relationships.6.      Magic: the use of magic as stated by God is “Shirk” which means equating the powers of God with the powers of the “Jin.”. The effects of Magic would radically differ depending on what is the magic intended to use. So, no direct effect can be traced and given a generalization.7.      Homosexuality: Homosexuality at first is a very healthy thing found in many species. Its recorded that over 1500 species of animals on the planet have homosexual relationships. They are crucial because often when a newborn is disowned or left behind the homosexual partners would orphan the new baby. However, in the case of humans, we have diverged the concept of homosexuality. We have created extreme orientations. The first step, or the building block of acceptance to extreme cases, is the acceptance of homosexuality at first. History has given us two excellent examples of the acceptance of these extreme cases. One would be the town of Soddom, where the people started to have sexual relationships with other species. Two would be the town of Pompeii, were also archeologists found that after the acceptance of free sex, the people of Pompeii started exercising it with other species.The Indirect Effect.The indirect effect is as we said the accumulation of sins that would correspond to the amount of corruption.When corruption reaches a level where theirs no coming back from, the indirect effect of our sins would take place. The indirect effect is what Muslims call The end of Days.  Reference1.      Holy Quran. Lahore, Pakistan.2.      Rosman, A. 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