The total 100 nurses and doctors areThe total 100 nurses and doctors are

result of the study show that total 100 nurses and doctors are participated with
mean 32.81 and st.Deviation is 8.407 in which the majority were female is 53%
and 47% were male.38 doctors and 62 nurses were participated in this study. The
questionnaires were filled from the tertiary care hospital of Peshawar

majority of the participants were agree regarding the statement that senior
management provides a climate stat promote patient safety this finding similar
to the finding by Zhu 20121 who find out the result that received the
lightest positive rate was teamwork with in unit and the lowest percentage of
positive response was staffing which is also similar to our study. There are
62% participants were agree about the patient safety decision that are made at
proper level of the most qualified people means doctors and nurses this finding
contrast with the study that was reported by Helling and the study  conducted in Taiwan and china2 who
discussed that there are the lowest percentage of positive rate was staffing
means that the most of the responded felt that staff is inadequately handle
patients safety related workload and only the staff is responsible for their

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of nurses and doctor respondent that they have enough time to complete patient
care task safely. This result is correlated with two studies by said B.Turkey
in 2009 and 2012.3 who reported that in china there is a strict professional
training about the patient in clinical practices for nurses and physician have
high qualification in all dimension of the patient safety and thus error is
decreased with their high qualification and given much time for achieving the
patients safety task. The finding of this study show that the patient safety is
the highest priority in clinical area in order to minimize the medication
error, prevent their falling which may causes the injury, death and disability
and also safe the patients from adverse effect of medication this is correlates
to the study the reported that patient safety in health care system have gained
much attention and they also mentioned that high percentage of patients are
died from medical error annually in US permanent disability and avoidable
injuries that resulted from the high incidence of medical error and patient
safety issues in developing countries are also questionable. 4 Our study
result have maximum respondent that they were agree that organization implement
new technologies to improve patient safety. This is correlated with study
reported by B.Keogh 2013 who found that they have introduces the complaints
from patients and thus provide quality of care, they  also introduces triangulation information on
quality and safety in a complementary way with each information sources
providing different perspective on this issue. They also introduces early
warning system for providing quality. 5 This study show that there are no
enough staff to handle the work load and work hours are appropriate to provide
the patients safety so the respondent were strongly agree that there are staff
deficiency this finding is similar to the finding of Heeling 6 who reported
that there are staff deficiency that is not adequate to handle patient safety
related workload in the comprehensive hospital where there is a greater ratio
of patient to staff.

participant are agree that they following standard procedure in order to
achieve the patient safety but 25% participant are not agree that health
professional do not follow standard procedure for the patient safety .This
study result also show that when one area in unit is busy, other unit help for
patient safety this is correlate the study which are conducted by the
De.pablos, Josistone, and Triandis who were reported that the Chinese are warm
and willing to help others and place relatively more emphasis on the
cooperation with other 6.