The wanting him to indicate which amountThe wanting him to indicate which amount

The article “Can Animals Count?” by Joseph Castro is about how humans are set apart from other animals because they can solve complex  mathematical problems, along with other things as well. But, studies are now showing that some animals can essentially do the m=most basic type of math, counting. In the 1900s a horse name Clever Hans drew the attention of many people when a rumor spread that he could count. His owner set up a test for him wanting him to indicate which amount matched with the number. The horse got all the questions correct but, there was information found that the horse couldn’t count but had very great observation skills. The horse observed the owner so he would pick the right answer. This discovery led to more researchers and scientists wanting to find out if animals could actually count or if they had some sort of  counting/number sense. A study conducted  in the 1980s explained how a chimpanzee was able to add up the two bowls filled with chocolate and then pick the correct amount of the sum in another bowl. Twenty years later, another study showed that rhesus monkeys could quickly count how many objects were on a screen almost as well as a college student. Another study showed that lions have a number sense but is based on sound. A test showed that they would choose to approach or retreat from sounds of a intruder based on how many they thought were there. Bees could were also able to count, until four. They could find out how far something was from their hive by counting the landmarks they mass, up to four. A study in 2015, showed baby chicks, up to 3 days old, could tell which quantities were greater or less than the other. And the fact that they may think of numbers as if they were on a number line from left to right, like humans.     I chose this article because I felt like it was going to be interesting. I thought that the fact that many types of animals could be very similar to humans and actually have the ability to count and more would be very surprising. This news relates to science because there was tests and experiments conducted based on a hypothesis to prove if their evidence was true or not. This information is beneficial to people who study animal behavior or work with animals because it might improve how they work with them and study them. This couldn’t apply to people’s everyday life because animals aren’t always around everyday people and they can’t all count. But, for the people who work with these types of animals can learn how they think and maybe why they act based on the bit of discoveries they have now found. It is important someone is studying this because humans should try to learn as much as we can about other animals to see if we have similarities and if it could be beneficial.