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The musical Oliver, by Lionel Bart, is an adaption of the famous novel, Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens. The musical opens in the workhouse, as poorly treated, hungry orphan boys are entering the huge dining room for dinner. They are served a small bowl of poor quality food, while singing about how amazing food is and how they wanted more then they were getting. Afterwards, some of the boys draw straws to see who would go ask for more food, and Oliver gets the longest straw. Oliver walks to the front, with the glaring look of Mr. Bumble, an officer of the workhouse, towering over him and utters “Please Sir, I want some more.” Mr Bumble is outraged and he takes Oliver to the governors of the workhouse, and they order him to be thrown out. Mr Bumble and Oliver then wander the streets searching for someone to buy him to work. They meet an undertaker, Mr Sowerberry who buys Oliver and sets him to work as a coffin follower. After a few days, Oliver attacks another apprentice of the undertaker after he insults Oliver’s biological mother. Oliver is then thrown in the cellar as punishment. In this moment, Oliver sings “Where Is Love?”In the song “Where Is Love?” Oliver is searching not for love not in the sense of romanticism but in the sense of family and community. Oliver grew up without a true family with only these other boys who peer pressured him into standing up to the head of the workhouse even though they knew he would get a beating for it. They never truly cared about him and a feeling of loneliness drove him to his search for love and family. Oliver is only nine years old and is all alone in the world. A family and someone that loves him is all he wants but everybody around him treats him poorly. It isn’t until later on where he feels this sense of community with all of the other boys that are pickpockets. These boys take him in and give him food and a bed and teach him how to steal. Even though these morals of stealing being implanted into Oliver are bad it is good that he finally found someone that cares about him. He found a sense of community with these boys but he found his sense of family with the man that took him in after wrongfully accusing him of stealing his wallet, when it was actually the other boys. This man was very wealthy and gave him food and clothes and really cared about him as he tried to do everything in his power to find Oliver when he disappeared.The song “Where Is Love” is important to the show because it really shows an insight into Oliver’s life and emotions. It shows what goals Oliver has and sets a goal and purpose to follow throughout the rest of the show. The song is in strophic form as all of the verses have the same melody. This non-diegetic song has a lot of end rhyme such as love and above, she and see, and hide and wide. “Where Is Love?” is an I want song because Oliver is referring to how he wants to find someone who will love him and a place to belong.In the second verse of “Where Is Love?” Oliver sings the words, “Where is she”. She is referring to the love that he is searching for. This is personifying the love as a women, as women stereotypically have more emotions and are more sensitive and loving. The love that he is looking for he is also relating to his mother who had died when he was just a baby. He is looking for someone to step in as his mother and guide him through the complicated world that lies in front of him. Oliver asks himself how far he must go to find this person and where is this person hiding. These questions that Oliver asks are the same questions that many orphans ask themselves. The show Oliver really brings to light the conditions and emotions of an orphan who is all alone in the world. It shows the viewers that he is just a kid and that there should be more sympathy towards orphans in the world. “Where Is Love?” is the song that really shows the inner emotions of Oliver and puts the audience in the shoes of an orphan that is just looking for someone to love him and guide him through the harsh world.