The with Virtual Reality. Currently the numberThe with Virtual Reality. Currently the number

technology term – Virtual Reality has been mentioned in recent years. This
technology enables users to experience the things happening in the real world
through simulations in a virtual space. Currently in the world, there are many
industries have put Virtual reality into application. Below are some industries
which have benefited the most with Virtual Reality:



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Reality in the automotive industry is mainly used in design, safety testing and
sales. All the car designs will be simulated in the virtual world so that
engineers and specialists can see the shape and function of the car without
having to produce a real prototype. Car companies have successfully applied Virtual
Reality are Volvo, Ford, Hyundai…




architecture, Virtual Reality will change the way architects designing
buildings. They can experience the facets of a building from lighting,
materials to the interface. In addition, customers can also see their future
house in the virtual platform. This helps both sides to save time and money for
design work.




is a maturing field of Virtual Reality. Teaching and learning from the distance
are more feasible and effective with Virtual Reality. Currently the number of Virtual
Reality applications for education is the largest. Google Expedition is an
application which has received many positive feedbacks.




only useful in education, Virtual Reality is also a promising technology in the
medical field. It helps with healing, researching and recovering process of
patients. Currently, Virtual Reality is being tested by researchers at the
University of Louisville (Kentucky, USA) for the treatment of psychotic
disorders and phobias, while Stanford University (California) used Virtual Reality
to practice surgery.




is the first and most common area of application of Virtual Reality technology.

There are still plenty of opportunities for improvement in the virtual reality
game world. Horror or racing game would not give the player a true feeling
without using Virtual Reality technology.




are many ways to bring Virtual Reality technology into the industry. One can
experience the pre-arrival experience through Virtual Reality technology before
making purchase for a real tour. Travel companies will let customers experience
each location in advance to avoid disappointment.


is a good example of the application of Virtual Reality technology in tourism.

Application is written for both Android and IPhone devices, allow users to
experience the world’s largest cities. It helps users to find the ideal
vacation destination, or simply allows users to visit places they have never
been to.