The work, loyalty, and dedication. My meticulousThe work, loyalty, and dedication. My meticulous

The 16 Personalities personality quiz
determined that I have the Defender, ISFJ-A, personality type.  This personality makes up 13% of the
population.  This determination was of no
surprise to me and I found the results to be a rather fitting summary of my
personality traits.  Those with the
Defender personality are known for being supportive, reliable, imaginative, observant,
enthusiastic, loyal, hard-working, and practical.  Some drawbacks that Defenders struggle to
overcome are shyness, submissiveness, taking things too personally, the
inability to process negative emotions, and the tendency to overload
themselves, due to the fear of not meeting the expectations of others.  Defenders often downplay accomplishments, as
they do not like the attention of being in the spotlight. 

Individuals categorized with the
Defender personality tend to be logical decision makers and have a reasonable
attitude towards life in general. 
Although introversion is a common trait, those of the Defender category
have impressive social skills, allowing for many positive relationships, both
romantic and social.  Once the shyness
barrier is overcome, Defenders prove to be loyal and life-long friends. 

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Defenders are the backbone of the
workforce and gravitate towards careers with a long and withstanding historical
lineage, such as nursing, counseling, teaching, and designing.  Not only are Defenders meticulous, they are
also hard working and loyal employees. 
They always get the job done and on time and produce an exceptional
quality of work.  Such individuals
progress rather quickly in his or her career and suit managerial positions
rather well.

In my opinion, there are career benefits
and drawbacks of being categorized as a Defender.  Currently I am employed as the office manager
for Allstate Insurance Company.  I have
been with the company since 2005 and I believe I earned my position, through
hard work, loyalty, and dedication.  My
meticulous nature ensures that my work is always accurate and on time.  My superiors depend on me to be a positive
leader and example.  I make myself
available to all co-workers and am always available to offer support.  Personally, the biggest challenge I have to
overcome daily, is my shyness.  I am an
introvert by nature, but my career position has thrusted me to forefront.  I dread being in the spotlight; this
includes, meetings and training sessions. 
Not only does my face turn bright red, my chest begins to fill with red
blotches, and I start to stutter.  If I
did not learn how to effectively overcome this hurdle, it would remain an
everlasting barrier in both my social and professional life.  If I have an upcoming meeting or training
session that I am leading, I begin to prepare well in advance.  I take notes and practice my agenda until I
know it by heart.  I have learned that
the more prepared I am, the better I do and the less I am affected by my
nerves.  I also wear a high collared
shirt or turtle neck to hide the red blotches on my chest. 

            Overall, I believe my personality
type has helped me get to where I am in my career.  As with anything, there are pros and cons
within this personality category, but I have learned ways to overcome the challenges.    


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Personality (“The Defender”)

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