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The analysis of The Gift of the Magi
“The Gift of the Magi” is a short story created by famous short story writer O. Henry. Through the most common action in daily life, present the Christmas gift as a center, the story  is mainly talking about a poor but loving couple, Della and Jim, they want to give a wonderful gift to each other in the Christmas, but due to the factor that they do not have enough money to get that. Thus they sell their most worthy things to grain money ( Della’s hair and Jim’s gold watch) and buy the gift. However, in the end, they discover that gifts they send to one another must match with their treasures respectively (A serious of combs and a beautiful chain). Nevertheless, they have sold the hair and the watch already. 
At the beginning of the story, the writer has explained the setting of the story, that the protagonist Della and her husband Jim is a needy couple, ‘Furnished rooms at a cost of $8 a week.’ This is a cultural conflict, because nowadays, follow the developing of the social, it cannot happen that people only need pay 8 dollar, you can have a place to live, this merely is a price of a cup of Starbucks’s coffee, but at that period, the country is not so advanced, the money is not as valuable as now, that you just need cost a little money, you can own a house. Then the story has said the reason of why does Della want to save money because she wants to present a fantastic Christmas gift for Jim. Although she just had 1.87 dollars now……. “Only $ 1.87 to buy a gift for Jim. Her Jim. She had had many happy hours planning something nice for him.” Here is a direct characterization that expresses Della’s sincere love for Jim. On the other hand, Della is a brave woman. That when she is sad, she will cry soundlessly, that does not let Jim see her this state.” 
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Della finished her crying and cleaned the marks of it from her face.” Then the writers have to use an internal conflict of Della to display the significance of her hair and Jim’s watch, ” Della knew her hair was more beautiful than any queen’s jewels and gifts.” And This has set the stage for the below content, that emphasizes the significance of  Della cut her hair.
Something is worthing to indicate is Della and Jim both are static characters, they love each other throughout whole fiction, which could see from “He said. ‘Nothing like a haircut could make me love you any less.’ Oh, this is so sweet…… And we can see this condition from the movement that they both are willing to use their most precious things to change the things which their lover like. Della uses her hair to get the gold watch chain, and Jim uses his gold watch which his father’s father gave him to get serious about combs which Della likes very much.Whereas, Della also is a dynamic character in this story. Her mood from restless to excited, that at first she just have 1.87 dollars, and she is worried about what gift could she present to her husband, but then she finds that she could sell her pretty hair to get money and then buy the gift. Thus she became excited. Second, she from excited to nervous, on account of after she loses her hair, she afraid of that Jim did not like she like this. And here appears an internal conflict, too. Della afraid of her husband back home, she fears her husband dislikes her, meantime, she hopes her husband come back quickly, because she wants to show the gift to Jim immediately, and let Jim happy. This is more vivid to let a person feeling that Della’s cute and her affection for Jim. Third, she from nervous to be grieved, her Christmas gift from Jim is combs, however, she has sold her hair. And she cannot bear this surprising, she cried. In that moment, her mood is changing, so she is a dynamic character, too.
Jim is a character made very rich, that although there are no plots in the novel have written especially about how does Jim love his wife. From some indirect describe, the reader still could feel Jim’s love, take Jim presents Della  combs as an example, ” For there lay The Combs—the combs that Della had seen in a shop window and loved for a long time.” From here, people know that Jim 
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noticed this point, and always remember this. If this is not loving, what is this? Not only this, the reader also could realize that Jim wants to give Della a surprise about the comb for Della when he backs home. Nevertheless, due to the factor that Della has cut her hair, therefore, this means his present is useless, and this has shocked him. This is the cause that why does Jim freeze when he saw Della’s long hair disappear.
Overall, O. Henry writing “The Gift of the Magi  ” to manifest at that sociality which is settling on money, people even could find the love of money. Whereas, on the contrary, Della and Jim lose their treasures, but they have made a closer love between themselves, this is really admirable and the writer hopes more people respect the love. In that dark sociality, their relationship lets me feel touched and warmth.