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The tag #foodporn has been used more frequently than the Kardashian sisters have posted a less-than-decent Instagram photo. Food porn, defined, means images of food presented in such an appealing and titillating way, that is more delicious than health-conscious, that that particular image of food could substitute a sight of something pleasurable.

In this photo that displays my grandmother and I cutting her birthday cake, the excitement in the eyes of my 6 year old self displays the joy that this cake brought into my world. My mom’s famous Israeli chocolate cake was almost what I lived for when I was younger. With each and every bite of this delicacy, you could taste the rich dark chocolate and the endless amount of sugar used that made me smile from ear to ear, with the chocolate surrounding my every tooth showing my absolute happiness and brought out my inner-child.

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Who would think that food would become so trendy that it has its own hashtag… The hashtag #foodporn stands to identify the foods that bring joy to other peoples’ lives. The idea seeming so insane to compare food to pornography on an every day basis sounds ridiculous to me. You may call me a hypocrite, and even though I find this idea ridiculous, I am guilty of being one of those people who will not let you move a sprig of coriander or take a french fry off your plate without taking a picture of it and then a few minutes later, quickly adding it to Snapchat or Instagram with the caption ‘My salad is better than your’s (:  #foodporn’. Food posted on social media has become an industry in itself leaving restaurant owners begging for food bloggers to blog about how delicious their salmon pasta was or how their salads are Kardashian worthy and even how their chocolate fondant oozed out the chocolate centre as if it was an erupting volcano. The social media community surrounding food has led food to become not just a necessity in our everyday lives but rather something fashionable and contemporary that is surely Instagram worthy.

Food has become a culture of its own. In many religions and cultures, and personally to me, the jewish religion uses food as a form of celebration and is the foundation of any particular event. Because what is a brocha without an excess of smoked salmon on bagels? It has always been clear that food has been such a monumental part of every celebration. I can guarantee you that at any given Shabbat table, there will be copious amounts of challah and kichel. It’s a constant conversation of, “Mom, can you please pass me the challah,” and “Gaga please can I have another kneidle,” throughout the dinner. The food at all these celebrations and jewish holiday feasts allows us to bond and connect with our family members and friends over something that everyone enjoys – food. The most memorable times that I spent with my Gaga were those Friday evenings before shabbas helping her make and set out the food for Shabbas dinner. This was our bonding time and made every meal I spent with her an occasion. In the jewish culture, where there is food around, there is an occasion and a reason to celebrate.

The revolution of food has hit society like Freezochinos hit King David. There is no going back on different cuisines food today has become such a prevalent aspect of social media. Food has influenced our past and is now revolutionising our future in social media. Acclaimed @FoodGod, Jonathan Cheban, friend of the Kardashians’, has made a career in talking about food. He claims to be a professional tastemaker in the food world. It is evident in this that society has embraced this trend with open arms. Has this food thing really become this big? It’s no longer a bare necessity but rather has become fashionable.

The controversial idea of the hashtag shows how something as basic and as simple as food, is such a significant part of our lives and the society that we’re in. The ultimate goal of #foodporn is to create the same expression on the viewers’ face as that that is on my face when I encountered my ultimate treat. Complete and utter delight.