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There are a number of issues in the world which are debatable mainly because they have a number of consequences on the society and its health. One of such issues is the controversy surrounding the issue of legalizing marijuana. There has been a very highly contested debate between the proposition of legalizing the production and circulation of the drug in America or declaring the drug illegal and banning individuals from using it. However there has been a Gallup poll regarding the legalization of marijuana in the country and a surprisingly large majority of the public has voted for the legalization of the drug in the country. In the United States, 40% of the individuals admit that they have smoked or they do smoke marijuana, which is why they would consider the legalization of the drug as a mandatory and obligation. Legalizing the drug is an issue which has to look at both sides of the matter and calculate exactly why people want the drug to be legalized. There are several reasons for supporting the idea of legalization as it is portrayed in the light of facts and figures.  Firstly, marijuana is a much safer drug for consumption. 16% of Americans have admitted to trying cocaine once in their lives. Cocaine is a relatively much more dangerous drug in comparison with marijuana. Cannabis is a substance that is found in marijuana and it is comparatively less dangerous for the user and for others. It actually lies below the tobacco and alcohol as substances which can cause harm to the user and the others around them. Marijuana is a substance which is not that harmful for neither the people around a person or for the person themselves.  Marijuana is supported for its use also because of the fact that it is not as addictive as other drugs. The facts prove that dependence on marijuana is a problem for only about 9-10% of the adult population who are its consumers. On the other hand the rest of the population is not addicted to the drug and they might be less obsessed with its consumption as opposed to tobacco smokers or people who are addicted to cocaine or heroin. Moreover, tobacco is a bigger culprit as it has the capability to cause addiction in 30% of its users (Loria). In the light of these statistics it is safe to say that marijuana usage is not as dangerous as that of other associated drugs which can cause more harm because they can cause addiction and the excess usage of these drugs is a problem for the user and the people they are influencing.  One of the biggest supporting points for marijuana is the medical benefits that the drug provides to the users. Medical marijuana is actually changing lives and it has helped a number of people overcome serious medical conditions. Medical marijuana has been useful for individuals who are suffering from cancer. Apparently, the drug has helped people cure their cancer, mainly because of the substance THC which has therapeutic effects. Marijuana is also known to alleviate the side effects of different cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Usually, the administration of such treatments can cause individuals to become lethargic, nauseous and they can have a very low mood. Marijuana is known to battle the nausea and help people feel more active, alert and their nausea and dizziness can go away almost instantly. In this manner, medical marijuana can actually help people feel better. It is only through the legalization of the drug that people can understand more of its benefits and lead a healthy and better life (Loria and Welsh). Other medical benefits of the drug lie for people who have many terminal and strange illnesses. The administration of marijuana in people who are suffering from AIDS helped the patients acquire a large appetite and they also felt their spirits rise as the drug made them feel better. The use of medical marijuana is known to have shown its effects in people suffering from spasms and associated issues as well (Loria). The drug has also worked wonders for individuals who suffer from illnesses such as epilepsy and have little to no control over their muscles and bodies. Therefore the THC in cannabis helps these people feel relaxed thereby helpings them with their conditions of muscle spasms and the inability to move their voluntary muscles with ease. In the states of the world where medical marijuana has been legalized there are conditions where the people felt much better after using it moreover their usage was also more controlled (Loria).   There are people who will differ with the fact by saying that people who believe it is alright to administer a drug such as cannabis to children is ethically correct. However there are children who are living with diseases which cause them a lot of trouble and a few drops of the THC oil is enough to help them live through the day without having an epileptic seizure (Jacques). There are also old people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and their involuntary muscle spasms cause them severe disability in doing normal, everyday work. Taking marijuana orally as a medicine can help with the spasms and calm the muscles. Realizing such benefits of the drug in cases like these can help people in understanding that a regulated and managed circulation and distribution of the drug in the country can help improve people’s lives and help them live relatively comfortable lives (Jacques). For some individuals the drug is a complex one from the health perspective. There are recorded incidences where it has been shown experimentally that when it is smoked in the form if a joint, then it is likely to produce ten times the amount of tar that smoking tobacco would produce. But these are the former ways of taking the drug. There are latest methods of taking it orally, in vapor form or as tincture which can significantly reduce the amount of tar that is inhaled by users. Physical dependence of the drug has been very difficult to ascertain. There are some additional impacts such as those at the time of using the drug. These include short term memory impairment, an elevated heart rate, and an increased appetite (Enyart). However, there are no documented cases of permanent or long term harm caused by the use of marijuana. Support for the legalization of marijuana also comes from the fact that medical marijuana is a very popular form of the drug which people like to consume. This is the reason why creating a business out of the legal sale of medical marijuana can help to reap immense economic benefits for the country. Official reports have claimed that according to 300 economists, the government would be saving an amount of about $13.7 billion a year if they sell marijuana in the pharmacies and end the prohibition campaigns against marijuana which includes crackdowns and hunts against illegal; marijuana possession (Joffe and Samuel). Moreover there would be an additional amount of a billion dollars that can be saved by country which would generally be devoted to incarcerating people for possessing the drug or selling it illegally. Another benefit would be reaped by the taxpayers. Individuals would be saving an amount of $41.8 billion a year on the basis of the eliminated taxes for the protection granted to them against marijuana dealers and the need for police enforcement (Basu 14). Economist Stephen Easton has declared that endorsing medical marijuana as a legal product sold in the pharmacies of the country would actually be helping the nation in making profits as high as $45 billion and $100 billion (Basu 15).   Many states which have legalized marijuana are already reaping the profits. Colorado is one of such states. The state was able to reap about $2.4 billion in taxes against the legal sales of medical marijuana in the country. On the positive end, people have been readily purchasing the product legally and there have been no complaints against the high taxation as well. There has been a spillover effect of marijuana legalization in the country. Space has been granted to the growers on rent, they are paid the stipulated amount for the production; other measures include the necessary lighting for optimum growth of the plant and the need for the irrigation equipment (Ingraham).  The most positive influence created by the legal supply of the drug has been its wiped out use from the black market. If other states follow suit and also model their policies in the manner in which Colorado did, they will also be able to eliminate all black market sales of the drug. A report has discovered that the marijuana sales are reaping tax profits three times the size of alcohol sales and tax profits. It is expected that by the year 2020, marijuana sales will overcome the sales of tobacco cigarettes and the taxes retrieved from the sale of marijuana will be higher than tobacco sales (Ingraham). More importantly taking drugs and getting into the habit of addiction can be something caused by an influence. In many cases, it is women who are coerced into trying drugs because of a boyfriend. In some families, there is a trend of smoking marijuana and it is not considered an odd thing. In such cases, the individual is responsible and accountable for their own act. For the state to ban the use of marijuana under such circumstances should be completely irrelevant and unnecessary. Hence, marijuana should be legalized as it is a drug with a number of benefits for the users. It also has immense benefits for the state and the country as a whole. For the nation to accept its legal sales will be a step forward towards prog