There behavioral therapy is an effective treatmentThere behavioral therapy is an effective treatment

There is an estimate that 15-25% of students develop a kind of mental disorder, with depression being the most prevalent. The experiment was to investigate depression rates in undergraduate students. Among the students, there were 77 students with depression. 72% of these students were female. Today students are high in debt, there are fewer job prospects after graduation, etc. This means students are at a greater risk of getting depression. Adolescence is the transition period between childhood and adulthood. Adolescence suffers from many different psychosocial problems in their life. The materials and methods, a cross-sectional study was performed among many adolescents. This study demonstrated that depression is gradually increasing in adolescents during school. Depression affects around 350 million people worldwide. People who deal with depression typically deal with low mood and loss of interest in activities as well as other behavioral problems, feeling negative about the future. In 2006, a survey identified that more than 67% of the US population had the chemical imbalance theory of depression. While the other half endorsed a genetic cause.There are many ways to get help if you suffer from depression, you’re not stuck with it forever. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective treatment for depression. A few studies have experienced that there was a 1/3 fraction of effectiveness. Medication is also an option. This study examined the relationship between depression and undergraduate students. They use 113 students in this sample. Results suggested that depression symptoms result in the relationship between autonomy and belongingness. If a student doesn’t feel belonged in where they are, they often feel like they don’t belong leading to depression.According to this article, depressed people think differently than non-depressed people. There is a difference in thinking that causes them to become depressed. Depressed people, view themselves, the environment and their future in a negative way. Cognitive behavioral theorists often say that depression results from faulty or irrational cognitions.