There by the smallest of things suchThere by the smallest of things such

There is so much to discover in art, everywhere we look there
is art to which we question the media of, whether it be in nature, a book
cover, an intricate pattern on a photo frame or even the shapes and lines of a
chair. I constantly find myself discovering new things and getting inspired by
the smallest of things such as a small object, maybe even an unusual stone, I
find myself thinking how can I turn this into art or use it within my artwork?

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone
else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they
are deciding, make even more art.” –quote by Andy Warhol which I completely
agree with because we all see the world differently so we portray things
differently such as our artwork. Therefore others may see something completely
different within my art as to what I do. I once created a piece of artwork from
the broken lines in a tree trunk, inspired by one of my favourite artists Marc
Chagall I recreated his ‘Adam and Eve’ (1912)  painting by combining the shapes in a tree
trunk in a cubist style.

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When I first started my college course in contemporary art it
really made me feel so excited in working with and learning new methods and
practices and it really helped me to find my personal style. As art is such a
passion of mine I always jump into work with my best ability and full of
excitement as I always push myself that extra mile for example when I think I
have completed a painting, I’ll always stand back and work even more on it even
if I feel it’s already good enough. After completing my degree I would hope to
make a professional career out of art, even though I don’t completely know what
I would like to do just yet, I feel as though the fine art course will give me
the chance to explore a variety of pathways whilst I am learning and gaining
more knowledge about the art world and help me to decide upon a future career
for when I graduate. I hate to think of myself doing anything else other than
art and design, I believe I will always have a connection to art in my life as
it is my passion. I feel as though art is a life choice because you have to
work hard to get your work seen and appreciated by others and to create a
beautiful piece of work it takes time and patience but I always love the
feeling I get when I see a completed piece of work knowing I have created it
with my own hands.

I have been commissioned work within my village, an example
would be two large flower paintings for a village spring fair. I’ve also helped
with flower arrangements at a music festival. I love having a project to work
on at all times because I love keeping myself busy which is maybe why I am so
dedicated to my art.

I have chosen the university of Derby because firstly my mum
went here, she really enjoyed studying there and I have only heard good things
about the university. I am also aware of it being awarded gold for its teaching
excellence which really jumps out to me because the teaching is very important
to me as I feel as though learning through people with experience in art and
design will really help me to gain my own knowledge and learn new skills from professional
artists. The fine art course excites me because of the universities wide range
of facilities and my own dedicated studio space is very helpful as I like to
have my own space to work in.