There of applying pigment on a mediumThere of applying pigment on a medium

There are several different tools, techniques, and concepts we use to
analyze and talk about visual arts. Visual arts have been described in
different forms such as crafts and design, sculpting, video filming, making of
prints, and etc. Several visual art pieces are designed to stimulate our minds
through a visual experience and provoke good or bad feelings. One example of visual
arts is print making. Print making is the concept of the creative images of art
on a matrix that can be transformed into a two-dimension object using ink. The
tools that are commonly used for this includes ink marks, colors, and printers
along with others. Also drawing is the most common concept of visual arts Art
tools such as pens, pencils, crayons, pastels, and ink marks are used to draw
these beautiful pieces of art. An additional widely used concept of visual arts
is painting. Painting involves the process of applying pigment on a medium like
wall, drawing planes on canvas, walls, or paper. Visual arts communicate to
everyone in different ways. You can find visual art anywhere, especially if you
are more aware and alert of your present space. This includes parks, movies,
buildings where you may find visual arts displayed. All forms of art do not
necessarily have to be displayed in a building or formal setting. We live in a
visual world, and this plays a huge role in today’s society.  Not only do the visual arts display
creative and pleasurable inspiration, but visual arts bring major awareness to important
issues in society.