There of this period became superstitious becauseThere of this period became superstitious because

There isn’t much left behind about Shakespeare except his work and a few church documents, therefore there is no accurate way of knowing everything that happened in his lifespan.
Shakespeare was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
Shakespeare was born on the 23rd of April of the year 1582.
Shakespeare did marry during his life to Anne Hathaway.
Shakespeare established himself as a playwright and actor.
Shakespeare died on his 52nd birthday, April 23, 1616.
He left his “second best bed” to his wife in his will.
Catholic and Protestant were the two major religions during the Elizabethan England.
Who ever was in power of the monarchy decided which religion was dominant.
Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I reigned during this period.
Queen Mary I favored Catholics and Queen Elizabeth I switch and favored Protestants.
Queen Mary I prosecute those who were not Catholic but Queen Elizabeth I respected and welcomed other religions.
Queen Elizabeth I banned all religious plays and stories in attempt to stop religious violence.
The Elizabethan period was the are of the Renaissance.
The Renaissance began in 1558.
The most significant innovation of this time was the printing press because it made it easier for spread ideas and knowledge.
This innovation led to people revisiting all superstitions and supernatural things.
During this period, unexplained events were blamed on witches.
The people of this period became superstitious because of believed witches and witchcraft.
The four humours included the blood, black and yellow bile, and phlegm that determined if a person was healthy by being balanced.
The Elizabethan class structure was maintained by educating the girls and getting them ready for marriage and depending on who they married, their social class was determined.
The Chain of Being was the idea that everything in the world has its plains and cannot be changed.
The Rotae Fortuna is about the nature and habits of fate.
Education depended on the social class of the family.
The main purpose of schooling was to teach children their social norms.
Latin was taught to the children because it was “the language of the educated”.
In wealthy families, the girls were educated on how to maintain and uphold the household.

Latin was the language of those who were successful.
Plays were banned during this period.
The Theatre was the name of the first theatre.
The Globe is the most famous theatre.
The theatre was burned to the ground during a play.
Rich people would sit during the play and the poors would stand in an open pit.
The plays were held in the afternoon for lighting purposes.
No women were allowed to be in plays.
If the performance was not liked, the audience would ignore the show and boo it.
Shakespeare’s work provide reference for life during his period.
Shakespeare’s histories were a tribute to Britain and its monarchy.
With these tributes, Shakespeare attempted to help out Queen Elizabeth I and his status as a playwright.
Shakespeare invented over 1,700 words.
“Milk of human kindness’ (Macbeth) is a phrase from Shakespeare.
Shakespeare influence many like Hoan Keats, a romantic poet.

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