There the following : – Look atThere the following : – Look at

There are several ways to
encourage the learners to notice the wall displays:

pupils can be asked to help in preparing the display, deciding which words should
e printed below the pictures and then printing the captions.

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the class can be given such assignments as the following :

at the pictures on the back wall and find five red things in those pictures.
Write their English names .

the pictures on the walls , find ten things that belong to a house. Write their
English names.

the pictures on the walls , find five things with wheels . Write the English
names for those five things.

at the picture that is near the back window. There are many people in the
picture . Which of the following would be the best title for the picture ?


Visiting the Zoo

Waiting for a Bus

Riding a Horse

For helping the learners
understand the meaning of a word, we often find that a picture is useful , if
it is big enough to be seen by all members of the class. But real objects are
better that pictures whenever we have them in the classroom. When there are
real windows, doors, walls , floors in the classroom it is foolish not to use
them in our teaching. But in some classes , unfortunately , the pupils are
never asked to look at them , point to them , walk to them or touch them. Only
textbook pictures are used. This is a waste of excellent opportunities. In most
cases, a picture of something is less helpful than the thing itself.

 There are a few exceptions , however. The
exceptions include articles of clothing. Shoes, shirts , dresses , ect., are
usually present in the classroom; but when we show meanings of such words we
should be careful about calling attention to clothing which is worn by members
of the class. Such attention may make the wearer feel uncomfortable.  

For similar reasons ,
teachers often prefer to use pictures for introducing words that name parts of
the body.  The best sort of picture for
this purpose is a simple , impersonal line drawing.


On the day when such words
are to be learned , the teacher makes a large copy of the drawing on the
blackboard . Pupils are given a minute to look at the drawing , and to copy it-
and also to wonder what the English words for the parts of the body are.  In order to create a need in the student’s
mind a feeling of need for each of these words, we can use a series of

Commands are given-perhaps
first in the students’ language , quietly , to one or two who demonstrate the
action. They should be standing with their backs to the rest of the class.
After the meaning of each command has been shown, the teacher repeats it in
English. Groups of learners stand and perform the actions. Each of action
involves a part of the body which is named by one of the new words.

your right hand .

  Put your left hand on your head.

  Touch your neck with both hands.

To create interest the teacher can use songs
concerning parts of the body as songs is another interesting and effective way
to increase English vocabulary .  Moreover , according to Wrenshall , songs help
the pupils’ memorization, and the rhythm and rhyme of the lyrics can certainly
help vocabulary as well . The usage of songs creates good and interesting class