There their concerns or complaints. A complaintThere their concerns or complaints. A complaint

There are many
procedures in place that have been developed to enable providers and services
in health and social care. In my working environment we follow both operational
and local policies and procedures to ensure we meet our regulatory requirements
as a registered care home.

I have evidenced
below the regulatory requirements I have implemented in my work setting.  Included in the induction pack which is used
to welcome individuals to the service has the following information included ‘
If you are unhappy with the care and treatment you have received , you have the
right to; make a complaint, have the complaint investigated; and receive a full
and prompt response’

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The law states
that all health and social care services must have a procedure for dealing
efficiently with complaints. In the customer feedback policy which highlights
how we receive and respond to complaints is a flow chart which gives precise
information on what the process entails and the time scales in which each stage
of the process will be completed.  In our
initial response to receiving a complaint a copy of the flow chart will be

A copy of the
complaints procedure is available from members of staff on request or is
accessible in the communal lounge. This is also discussed as stated previously
regularly in service user meetings to encourage individuals to be more
forthcoming in their concerns or complaints. A complaint can be made by
numerous means for example, email, phone, letter, in person. If a complaint is
received by phone a transcript of the complaint will be made available to the

When dealing with
complaints it is good practice to arrange for a note taker to make notes during
any meetings to ensure accuracy of records. This also important to ensure both
yourself and the complainant have a clear understanding of what has been said
and what needs to be addressed.

We recognise that
making a complaint can be difficult and stressful therefore, we inform
individuals of their right to support by means of an advocate or someone they
feel comfortable with.

One of the most
important things for me as a registered manager is that service users and their
family are not afraid to approach me or raise their concerns with me. It is
equally important that service users feel at home and at ease at the service
as, if this is not the case then we are not achieving our standards of care.