There Therefore, it was an important partThere Therefore, it was an important part

There are many
different correspondences in the Han universe. The Way is made up of three
realms, the cosmos, the earth and human society. The natural cycle provides
information on everything in the universe. 
yin (?) and yang (?) representing the shade and sunlight. Yin and Yang alternates
between the four seasons. There are many different types of cycle, the most
common are the five phases, five organs and five tastes.

Chinese medicine and divination use the
different correspondences to create the disciplines and foundation. In the
late–Warring States Chu Silk
Manuscript it shows in the medical texts how it is connected to the
different five phases, five organs and five tastes.

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Divination, the practice of reading omen to
gain knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. The
“divination system”, in nature, and images representing the cosmos responds to the
human event. Therefore,
it was an important part of the early empire. The earliest records of
divination found in China was written on cattle scapulae and tortoise
plastrons, using these to method to communicate with their ancestors. Throughout
the Chinese history, there’re different method used to determine the natural
potential of divination.

Chinese Medicine uses the map of circulatory routes for the human body for acupuncture and
moxibustion. The circulate is the blood and lymph that travel through the set
of conduits: channels, collaterals, and vessels. Every channel is connected to
some different illnesses in certain parts of the body.

In the Han universe, both medicine and
divination techniques was present and by understanding that the principles of
change and alternation can enhance their techniques. These illustrated the
faith in the efficacy of “natural procedures”.