These the characters, although for very differentThese the characters, although for very different

These stories examine the delicate balance of human nature. The narrative describes the behavior of two characters of advanced age and the expression of feelings of discomfort and hate that lead the characters to commit evil acts for little reason.         The difference of these two stories is the plot of each one. The story of Tell-Tale Heart is about a man who wants to murder an old man but doesn’t want to be coughed and punishment. We will tend to suspected that he is a depend on this older man and have something to gain by killing him. When the narrator breaks down and confesses, the reader shares the feeling of being exposed and arrested. The fact that the narrator is insane is essential.         Instance in The Grandfather and his Little Grandson the plot is about a family that has not respect for his grandfather, but they also don’t realize that their behavior is rubbing of on their child. Their son sees how they are treating his grandfather, so he assumes that the same thing must be done to his parents when they get old. That’s when the parents realize about what they were doing to their grandparent and they apologize for what they made, and they started treating him like a real member of the family.The similarity between the two stories is in the sense of guilt of the characters, although for very different reasons, unravels the end in a repentance caused by conscience, that in the first awakened the son of the couple and in the second the killer of old man, cannot stand the sound that he hears and torments him.          People are watching you so you should be the bigger person and set an example. Lastly, you should cherish and respect your elders because you are here because of them. Elders are very wise and have gone through many rough times and experiences. They need to be taken care of with love and patience like you would want to be treated when you get older. The way adults behave will influence the generations.