They scenarios. Nigeria is hugely diverse countryThey scenarios. Nigeria is hugely diverse country

They are
a varied country, in Nigeria there is well above 1000 different ethnic groups.
The top 4 ethnic groups are the Hausa, Fulani, Igbo and the Yoruba. Both men and women mostly in the south of urban
areas wear standard western clothing. Meaning that trendy suits is commonly
worn by man and smart dresses is common for women.

. Whereas here women don’t have to
cover their hair or their faces unless they are visiting the Grand Mosque in
Abu Dhabi or other religious venues. Men must be in trousers and full armed
shirts in these scenarios.

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Nigeria is hugely diverse country which have over
500 different spoken languages. The authorised language which is mostly spoken
in Nigeria is English. English was chosen to encourage cultural and verbal
unity within the country, only about 75% of the population speak English. Most
of them speak “pidgin” English, which is simplified form of the language
which also has the basics. For example, “How far Na?” means “how is
everything?” and “You no dey hear word” which means “You’re not listening”.. Most of the writing systems have
been established by the European migrants and have been implemented as the
official writing systems for these languages.

. Whereas we only speak and write in either Arabic or

In Nigeria religion is
divided between both Christians and Muslims equally, numbers vary, mostly Sunni
Muslim communities which are
in the north of Nigeria, whereas Christians are in the central and southern
regions. Whereas our main religion is Islam and the people from there are all
Muslims unless they have come from abroad.

In Nigeria there is
over 170 million people, there is a lot of market for products or services. The
population is still increasing. As the population grows, they will also need
more products and services. Creating more chances for businesspersons who want
to make a product or service. Some products or services are needed daily such
as food, water and fuel for transport.

Nigeria is still an
emerging market and there is still room for more businesspersons to enter and
fill the spaces. Businesses like farming, real estate are among the virgin
industry you can risk. Of course being the first to undertake into a virgin
industry in an area, make you in a place where you can easily take out the