This alien. It will not affect anyoneThis alien. It will not affect anyone

This bill amends the Illegal Immigration Reform and
Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 to make the E-Verify program permanent.
The bill requires: federal agencies, contractors, and critical employers to
participate in E-Verify; all U.S. employers to participate in E-Verify within
one year of enactment of this Act; and employers using a contract, subcontract,
or exchange to obtain labor to certify that they utilize E-Verify.

The bill was introduced in House on May 16th of 2017 by Rep.
Lance, Leonard. This bill was proposed to expand the use of E-Verify, to hold
employers accountable, and for other purposes. If passed, the bill will
increase civil and criminal penalties for specified hiring-related violations,
and establish a good faith civil penalty exemption/reduction for certain
hiring-related violations. The bill provides for elimination of the Form I-9
process, and sets forth E-Verify design and operation requirements. This will
affect all and anyone employed in the United States.

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The federal criminal code is amended to provide that illegal
aliens possessing or otherwise using false identification information not their
own can be punished for identity fraud, and subject a person who uses false
identity information in furtherance of harboring or hiring illegal aliens to a
fine and/or penalty of up to 20 years in prison.

As for the government, the bill will affect it by preventing
illegal aliens from obtaining jobs with false identification, thus keeping us
safer from illegal aliens who could be dangerous. It could also bring more
money to the government through the penalties that will be paid. It can prevent
the attracting of many illegal immigrants to the United States. It should not
affect anyone who is not an illegal alien. It will not affect anyone with
proper and true identification.

As stated by Senator Chuck Grassley, a pro of this bill is
that “Businesses across the country have opted to use the E-Verify system
to help comply with our immigration laws. E-Verify is a proven tool for
employers, including myself, that helps reduce incentives for illegal
immigration and safeguards job opportunities for Americans and other legal
workers. Expanding the system to every workplace with a mandate will improve
accountability for all businesses and take an important step toward putting
American workers first.”

As stated by the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), a
con of the bill is that “Requiring agricultural employers to use E-Verify
without assuring that a workable guest worker program is in place could have a
significant, negative impact on U.S. farm production, threatening the
livelihoods of many farmers and ranchers in labor-intensive agriculture…If
the mandatory E-Verify program goes forward by itself, without providing
producers a source of legal workers, it would present a potentially
insurmountable challenge for many agricultural employers. Farm Bureau
economists estimate that as much as $5 billion to $9 billion in annual
agricultural production is at risk if the industry’s labor needs cannot be

 The bill should not
be passed because of circumstances like these. In hard labor circumstances,
most Americans would not want to do work as such, but many immigrants will do
anything they can to get the income to live. In total it would leave open jobs
but there would not be as many people to have the work ethic to do those jobs
at the rate they are being payed now.