This and management in respect to KMThis and management in respect to KM

This research is embraced
using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

1 is the literature review to define the theoretical concepts and premise
supporting the surveys, interviews and studies all through the research

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It incorporates/includes
a discussion in the context of Blueprint Wireless company, development of KM,
utilization of an ERP framework in KM, as well as connecting management and
cultural theories related to KM/PM issues.

At Phase 2, three pilot studies have been undertaken to test the research objectives/issues in terms of the Blueprint

Ø  Capability and Maturity in adopting the ERP,

Ø  Acceptance level for collaborating approach
and strategies within the system
model/plan of action,

Ø  And the significance of management and cultural
issues in execution of business strategy.

Fifty members effectively replied to these three pilot surveys.

Descriptive approach is used at Phase 3. Soft System Methodology (SSM),
was used to discover the gaps within the determined maturity level that exists
in the Blueprint Wireless. Two groups of 8 members were interviewed who
expressed their perspectives. Further each participant was requested for the improvement
ideas to the ERP framework, connecting work strategies and management in
respect to KM issues. This incorporates gathering and reformatting
of the raw research facts/information
into a rich picture for advance developmental actions.

Stage 4 involves an action research observation
to study how identified change can be driven in action. Two kinds of intervention
actions and series of exercises have been taken:

Ø  Improvement capabilities
of the ERP framework which covered- improving records information storing
approach; casting off the ERP change bottlenecks; utilizing the “Crystal
Report” work; revising the Blueprint Wireless ” Delegation and Limits
of Authority “; distributing “League Table”; accepting the RRP; integrating
the 3D model into the ERP framework; and updating the “Lesson Learning

Ø   A collaborative
strategy through desired subcontractor scheme; and

• A safety management and innovation

This research contributes
in two spheres: PM and the Blueprint Wireless company.

Ø  The primary implication for PM concept is to demonstrate
how knowledge has been effectively managed within Blueprint Wireless using ICT/ERP.
Represented by the hierarchy of ICT > ERP > KM > PM.

Ø  The second implication is to be ready for the
using collaborative strategies in PM practice. Represented by the hierarchy of Blueprint
Wireless Culture > Management > Collaborative Strategy > PM.

The contribution of
this research is to offer
evidence of success of adopting KM in a Blueprint
Wireless by utilizing an ERP framework and how this was accomplished.

This research shows
how synergy results in efficiently integrating an ERP with collaborative strategy
to enhance project cost and time performance. At last, it features the effect
of cultural components of the customarily/ traditionally collectivistic Blueprint Wireless,
which senior management need to consider while formulating business strategies.

However, this
research has inherent limitations. Firstly, it was not viable to survey and interview
all employees of the Blueprint Wireless company.

Lastly, an evaluation
of the ultimate execution of the intervention actions is beyond the time restriction
of this research. Some additional sequences of action of course are much
desirable. This research indicates how additionally sequences of developmental actions
can be taken and spread across other local workplaces of the Blueprint Wireless