This Catholic Churches. The Byzantine Empire andThis Catholic Churches. The Byzantine Empire and

This report is on the difference between Eastern Orthodox
Churches and The Roman Catholic Churches. The Byzantine Empire and the Western
European Empire had developed in different paths, their ways of sacrifice and
practicing their faith. Their differences had resulted in a separation in 1054
AD. Eastern Orthodox Churches and Roman Catholic Churches are the two churches
that split that on that date. Although seemingly similar from an outside view,
there are some key differences in each other’s history, linguistics and

Orthodox Churches

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The Christian Church split in two in 1054 AD, creating two
kinds of Christianity. Eastern Orthodox Churches spread in Constantinople,
which is in modern-day turkey, far east, hence the name, Eastern Orthodox Church,
The word ‘Orthodox’ takes its meaning from the Greek words orthos (‘right’) and
doxa (‘belief’). The Eastern Orthodox Church was influenced by the beliefs of
Christianity in Eastern Roman Empire, since that area was called Byzantine;
this kind of Christianity was called “Byzantine Christianity”, in those times.
The Byzantine Christianity shares the belief that God came down to Earth, in
human form, to save everyone from their sins. The Bible is practically the same
as all Bibles. The main focus of the religion is to connect  with Jesus, God’s son who came down to Earth,
and pray to Him to forgive his or her sins.

Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church is remotely similar to Eastern
Orthodoxies Church, but again, they have some key differences that make it a
different topic. Although, both churches still believe in Jesus Christ, the Son
of God. Roman Catholicism is one of the most believed religions in the world
with 1.1 billion believing in it. The Roman Catholic Church is based on the
Church of West Rome. The pope’s office was called the Papacy. The Catholic
Church believes that Christ instituted the papacy upon giving the keys of
Heaven to Saint Peter. Peter have built the ideas of the church and since then,
had popes lead in church, or even the country. When the Pope is not leading
anymore, resigned or passed away, the leading of the Church is done by the
college of the cardinals, the cardinals were chosen by the pope, and when the
pope is not there anymore, the cardinal’s other jobs are too elect a new pope



The Great Schism happened because of the differences
between the two-in-the-same religions, these are the ones that made them split.


The languages were different; The Roman Catholic Church
taught their sermons in Latin while the Orthodox Church used many natives’
languages. The Pope was also a problem, to the Roman Catholics, the pope was
the great leader and had full power, while the Orthodox Church thought he was a
the highest bishop, he does have power, but people can still argue with him.
People also had different ideas for Mary, the Mother of Jesus, The Roman
Catholics believed that Mary was born with no sin, but the Orthodox Church
believes that Mary was just a normal human cursed by the cycle of sin; she was
the mother of Jesus because she lived a noble life. People had different ideas
of the leaders. The priests and the bishops were seen as much more smarter and
righteous by the Roman Catholic Church, but the Orthodox Church thought they
were also normal people.




Those are the major differences that split the church in
two, after that there are just minor differences which were just inconveniences
that mildly bothered each other.







in conclusion, even though the churches look and feel the same, their
differences really change, but the true ideas between all the religions in
Christianity, is the following of Christ, whether you need to be baptized or
not, whether you believe in the giving of the keys of heaven, whatever you
think about the pope, the true Christian belief is too know the spirits of the
trinity are righteous and Jesus is the Son of God.