This does not have compassion. He becomesThis does not have compassion. He becomes

This story begins with a boy named Gregor Samsa
who had a strange dream and wakes up to find himself as a cockroach. Once he
realizes this, he deals with the complications and struggles of it. Samsa
decides to roll back to sleep because he believes that he found himself in a
terrible nightmare. The story describes his appearance as an enlarged vermin
with a flat, amour-like back and short legs. When he attempts to roll back to
sleep, he realizes that he can only move from side to side. He looks around and
notices that nothing but him has changed. In disbelief, he looks at himself and
learns how to use his new body. He knows that he still needs to practice in
order to break it in. He looks at the time and concludes that he wakes up too
early every day so he decides to stay put. He tries to somewhat relax himself.
Samsa panics over his work situation. He knows that if he does not show up his
office will question him, and so will his family. He knows that his family will
wonder about his behavior and if he has an illness. He feels hopeless. Gregor
knows of his inability to go to work due to his condition and he finds himself
in panic. He knows that his condition is nowhere near benign and certainly
doesn’t treat him that way. His mother begins to worry as she calls him up. She
also needs to inform his boss about it. They try to prove to his boss that they
do not have a lazy son who wants to take the day off. Gregor’s boss has many
traits, but he does not have compassion. He becomes nervous about his boss’s
thoughts on the issue. His family as predicted believes that he caught an
illness. His father checks on him and calls him. His responses become sanguine.
Gregor knows that his boss would bring a doctor over if he really were sick.
After his mother calls him, his sister, Grete calls him up. Gregor has trouble
getting out of bed and wants to do so in peace. He has trouble getting out of
bed because he hasn’t gotten used to his new form yet. The story describes him
using different skills to help him get out. Until then, no one knows what ails
Gregor and why he cannot leave his room.