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This source is a quote by Li Yuanchao. We need to have a sustainable developed economic system that workers and citizen can benefit from. For example, people aren’t benefiting from it because they are more focused on speed, not quality. Workers aren’t getting the right tool needed for work like the banana trade, therefore they are not able to support their families. Our economic system has been spammed with power that we aren’t consistent enough in keeping balanced with quality, although the opposite is true for speed. The economic being more focused on speed and not the quality it’s impacting a lot economy and the environment because work is able to come around easier but less money is made of all the people working. The attitude of this source is critiquing, he is criticizing the emphasis on speed and how it should be changed from speed to quality. The message of this quote is that we must make the focal point of our society quality so that economic development can reach greater heights. Example Government, isn’t all that worry about keeping a sustainably developed economy to better suit his people but more worry about speed than quality. The government and the politician would have done something to maintain a sustainable economic economy for their people if they saw it being important. Li Yuanchao, writing a quote like this means something hasn’t been done about it and the government and the politician, need to focus more on it if they want to be successful in keeping a sustainable developed economic system for their people and workers. A sustainable developed economic system means better environment and more successful development and greater heights, you are able to notice things a lot better that are taking place all around you. Connection to globalization is that by having speed over quality, more resources and more communication for trading with country and work will be done faster. The downfall is tariff price will go up and foreign investment would be harder to come around since they wouldn’t want other people coming into their country and taking their resources, that they may not have in their developed country. Fair Trade and free trade would also become more common for an undeveloped country. Develop country would benefit more from it because they are going to be more advanced, and have more to offer to the undeveloped country and foreign would be a little easier to come around since the country wouldn’t have a sustainable economic system for its people and would accept anything to make it sustainable.