This for student success and as such,This for student success and as such,

This vitae is submitted
for annual increment  for academic year
2016-2017 within the Departments of Foundation and Education Management and
Curriculum and Instruction in the Faculty of Education and Humanities as I
firmly believe that my dexterousness is aligned with the University mission for
student success and as such, am very passionate about the review of my academic

For the academic year 2016-2017,
I have worked with my colleagues to ensure that the Faulty of Education
maintained high academic standards that foster students’ success. I have
completed all assignments within the deadline, and my attitude in dealing with,
students, and superiors was exceptional. However, to enhanced and improve my
professional journey is supported by the enclosed CV

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Further, it would be an
honor for me to receive an annual increment since I am working and studying
fulltime to provide students with astronomical opportunities in spite of
institutional fears.  To unhelp
University quality, I would travel to assess students in their jurisdiction. As
my CV illustrates, I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in the field of Education,
and I have a wide range of teaching experience, from extended individual
supervision to teaching in two departments: 
Foundation and Education Management and Curriculum and Instruction;
three Semesters; subjects Science Education and Education Technology courses.
One of the highlights of my last academic year teaching was conducting Research
online presentations with other students via Open voice and Google Communities.
This level of engagement has unfolded a new facet of learners that is aspiring
to take research to a new level. I found it an invigorating challenge to tease
out the difference between when I should interfere, give feedback, or gently
nudge students in the right direction, and when they would learn more from my
silent observation. These activities are costly, but is improving the caliber
of learners at the University.