This not let any obstacles stop herThis not let any obstacles stop her

story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is a fascinating story with numerous amount
of symbolisms. Phoenix Jackson is an old lady who faces a difficult journey on
a path from the country to the town. Throughout her journey she has face many
obstacles. There are many symbolisms that is shown on the obstacles that she experiences
on her way to town. Eudora Welty symbolizes love by determination, windmill,
and her grandson.

In Welty story, Phoenix Jackson has overcome numerous
amount of obstacles to prevent her from getting medicine for her grandson.
Phoenix was very old, small, and walked with a cane on the path. The love she
has for her grandson kept her motivated through her journey. She did not let
any obstacles stop her from getting the medicine for her grandson. Phoenix
says, “We is the only two left the in the world” It seems that it was just him
and her living together. Her grandson is all she has left, and she would do
anything to get him better.  The strength
of love can make someone do unexpected things. The strength of love empowers
her to overcome many life-threatening problems she faces on the path. She
realizes that if she were to die then the fate of her grandson would be damned.

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Determination is one major task she has accomplish throughout
her path. She basically has a mission to complete while overcoming many
challenges. She is determined to. Even though she was very old and fragile she
did not let that stop her from going through that worn path. Phoenix did not
want anything not even wild animals prevent her from accomplishing her mission.
Old Phoenix said, “Out of my way, all you foxes, owls, beetles, jack rabbits,
coons and wild animal!” With this quote Phoenix is determined to let nothing
come between her and getting to town for her grandson medicine. The love that
one person gives to another is never truly appreciated until the recipient realizes
what that person has done. In this case, it would be her grandson because she
loves him, and he keeps her motivated to finish the path.

Phoenix says, I going to the store and buy my child a little windmill
they sells, made out of paper. He going to find it hard to believe there such a
thing in the world. I’ll march myself back where he waiting, holding it
straight in his hand.” The two nickels that Phoenix has she is going to buy her
son a gift even after she gets the medicine for him. She is willing to buy her
grandson a gift that can hopefully help her grandson use his natural abilities.
Remind you that the windmill is paper which mean that hope can be breakable.
The windmill could represent Phoenix life cycle being repeated. It can show her
grandson how her life been repeated going through the path.

Phoenix Jackson is a fragile old woman who is determined to
get her ill grandson medicine and overcome difficult obstacles. Despite her age
and her weakness, she is very stubborn and