This political weapon with serious consequences inThis political weapon with serious consequences in

proposed study analyzes how the novel by Nadeem Aslam presented the picture of Pakistani
society and narrates different aspects of South Asian postcolonial identity
within the secular framework of the novel in English. It is a deliberate
attempt at writing contemporary Pakistani social history Pakistan’s
ongoing political turmoil in Pakistan. This research will explore religion and
its use as a political weapon with serious consequences in the form of extremism
and violence. It will discuss the Blasphemy Laws, violence against women and
minorities, the jihadist culture and the journey from sectarian strife to
international terrorism and the problem of religious violence domestically,
within Pakistan’s borders towards Pakistani citizens.It sets out by explaining
how this internationally acclaimed writer from Pakistan represents Pakistani
reality with its entanglements and intangibilities, and injects in its
narrativeelements which resist easy unraveling to a foreign reader. This
research revolves around the various episodes of violence in The Golden Legend chronicle of the
politics of Pakistan as a sectarian state, its confounding laws and its
problematic relationship with the world and intolerance towards the minorities.
Though these socio-political problems still persist with the same frequency and
intensity, this novel captures some of the complexities of the a much more
complex issue of Islamic fundamentalism for the people of the postcolonial
nations and by focusing on these our discussions will be rooted in historical
and geographical contexts of the area. Its socio-political problems, failure of
leadership. Drawing together detailed economic and political analysis, its
impact on this region and highlighting their diversity and interplay. My
interest within this work has been to explore the interface between
postcolonial theory and the study of religious extremism. The
literary theory that I’m going to analyze in this paper isone of the most
important studies onpost colonialism that is The Empire Writes Back. Using Postcolonial literary theory
specifically is unique in the sense that it can provide a way to analyze the suffering
of colonized countries. It helps us enter into and understand positions other
than our own in a diverse and complex world. Understanding these positions and
structures helps to create understanding and to show the realities of
colonization to the world and how this process of colonization effect not only
the life physically but also psychologically. Keeping this in mind, an
excellent text to examine from a Postcolonial literary perspective is The Golden Legend by Nadeem Aslam.