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This case is in Chapter 3 of our text and the chapter’s focus is on the three-skill-approach. Andy’s Recipe tells us about a man named Andy Garafallo who owns an Italian restaurant and has three managers named Kelly, Patrick, and Danielle. Andy is extremely successful in his business it and mostly attributes his success to his high attention and regard for customer service. His three managers mentioned above each have a particular set of skills that make up the three-skill-approach but not one of them is skilled at all three. Kelly and Patrick both are highly skilled at the operational part of their job but lacks the human skill aspect. Danielle however is the opposite of Kelly and Patrick and is very good with people but is lacking in the technical skill. Andy as aforementioned previously is very successful but he still has room for improvement especially with his conceptual skills as shown in the reading that he doesn’t focus on the operational part of his business as much as he does on the customer service portion.

Even though there is a lot of weaknesses in his leadership model, there are a lot of strengths in his business model that accounts for the success of his restaurant. These include his obvious passion for people and his simplistic yet sturdy style to the concept behind his restaurant. For example, his patrons mentioned in the reading needed somewhere to eat that would accept them bringing outside food, a birthday cake, and Andy accommodated them when other places wouldn’t. Because of this positive experience in Andy’s restaurant, those patrons will most likely be returning diners which means more profit and a good referral for Andy. He keeps his style as that of a “Mom and Pop” place. The ambiance is somewhere families, couples, and others can come, relax, and have good food. There are a lot of great things about the way Andy is running his restaurant but there are some things he can improve on. This includes the way his management team runs their shifts.

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Danielle is very good with people. She has a high regard for her customers and their needs. She is also very loyal to her employer being that she’s been in her role for six years. Her extroverted personality allows her to be conversational and relatable which is a great skill to have as a leader, especially when it comes to job duties such as training a team. Because of her cheery demeanor, it also probably boosts sales because people want to frequent an establishment with nice workers and a warm environment. In an industry like the food and beverage that Danielle works in her personality is a most positive attribute to have. She can apply her social skills to having social judgement in different aspects of the business to make it more successful. To improve in her position, she can also work on her technical skills when it comes to how much profit her shifts are making, what she can do to improve the profit, and other operational duties such as knowing her P&L numbers and customer acquisition costs. Once she gets that down, she can start to throw out some ideas to Andy on how to make the business even more profitable for example different ways to save on inventory costs,which will boost her conceptual skills. 

Unlike Danielle, Kelly’s strengths lie in the operational aspect of her job role and lack in the social aspect as in she is hard to work with. She gets hot, fresh food out to the guests in a timely manner, and she also makes her shifts run smooth so her staff knows what to do and when to do it. She is very competent in getting the job done correctly. The problem is her staff doesn’t like to work for her which creates a negative environment nobody wants to be at which could eventually lead to employee turnover if not fixed. Kelly is in the business of serving others, and though she doesn’t have direct contact with diners, her customers are her staff. As a manager, she must learn to support them, make sure they’re feeling good when they come to work because if the rapport is down, the production of the business will drop. Kelly needs to work on her human skills, which can also improve her conceptual skills at the same time. For example, by getting to know her staff better and what they are looking for and their needs when they come to work, she can come up with creative ways to relate to them whether it’s sharing personal stories of herself and finding some common ground or making the kitchen environment more worker friendly maybe by allowing them to play their music. Social judgement, perceptiveness, and performance are all competencies that Kelly will gain only if she finds a way to relate to the people she interacts with at work. 

Patrick’s is dual skilled in the front of the restaurant and back of house. He is also loyal to Andy and has worked for him for four years. He ranks high in technical skills and like Kelly is very good at the operational duties of his job. Also like Kelly, Patrick needs to work on his social skills. This is very bad as not only does Patrick interact with fellow employees in his role but customers of the restaurant as well. If his lack of customer appreciation and robotic behavior toward them continues, Andy could lose a lot of business. He has a black and white perspective to customer situations and because of this has frustrated customers. If he opens up his mind and steps in the customers shoes he can improve his conceptual skills. He needs to be more relatable. He’s highly knowledgable about his job but his personality needs some work. 

Andy is very competent in his business. He has the human skill, technical skills, and to a certain level the conceptual skills. If he looked at his numbers more often, his accounting reports, P statements, and Order reports he would know more of what he can do and where he can save some money. He loves his customers, the origins of his restaurant, and the success in staying true to what he originally set out to do. Andy also loves his people and is very motivated in growing and developing them as leaders. Andy has a lot of competencies in social judgement skills, social perceptiveness, social performance, and knowledge of his business. He is also very crystallized in his cognitive ability having his restaurant running for twenty-five years now. He should be more stern with his employees. The fact he has an employee that even though is good in one aspect of her job isn’t good at other aspects and has been doing the same thing for six years is absurd. When he first sees a skill lacking especially in his management staff he should correct it. He shouldn’t be frustrated with an employee’s attitude. I think he is lackadaisical in some aspects of his role and fails to correct his employees’  behavior due to his love of people and love of being loved. I think the text is trying to make us assume that his leadership style is acceptable in that he has been successful in his business and has tenured employees, but we should definitely not assume that in order to be effective the three-skill approach is void. Andy is top management and knows the technical job well and also is very high ranking on the human skills but needs to improve on taking a better look at his numbers and improve on his conceptual skills. For example he can run a contest between the management team to who can improve their shifts SPH or whichever metrics each manager has over the next quarter. This gets the whole team involved which improving his management team. Ideas like these will elongate the longevity of his business.