This qtd. in Fortier, 2008, p. 11).[1]This qtd. in Fortier, 2008, p. 11).[1]

This paper examines
how media’s ideological theories are demonstrated in discourse which can construct
‘public cultures of assumption, disposition and action’ towards migrant
communities (Gregory qtd. in Fortier, 2008, p. 11).1 This
paper is divided into four chapters. Chapter two is about the literature survey
of Corpus Linguistics and Critical discourse analysis procedures in order to reveal
the ideological perspectives behind linguistic developments of different social
groups. This chapter will also critically evaluate these procedures. Chapter three
deals with the suggested methodology and data. Chapter four presents the
analysis of the research, including an investigation of how nationality,
headlines and descriptive language are applied to discursively shape migrants. At
last, chapter five concludes the analysis by outlining the main data of the
research paper.

1 Anne-Marie
Fortier, Multicultural Horizons: Diversity and the Limits of the civil nation,
ed. By

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Anne-Marie Fortier (New
York: Routledge, 2008), p. 11.