This software or the program or websiteThis software or the program or website

This report is looking
into the difference between the different types of hackers that are in this
world today and if there even is a difference. Hackers come in three different
types that all have a reason for why they hack what they hack. The types that are
the main two are white hat hacking and black hat hacking, both types have very
similar hacking skills, it all depends on how they are used.

Problem: No real difference between

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The real problem is that
white hat hackers are supposed to find the different vulnerabilities in the
software or the program or website and report the hole to the company to be
fixed. If you compare that to a black hat hacker that tries to find the same
vulnerabilities that the white hat does but instead of reporting it they use
that vulnerability to either create exploits, malicious tools to take different
peoples information or sell that information to other criminals. As explained
there is a very fine line between being a criminal or being on the good side of
the law when it comes to hacking; it is whether the hacker decides to stay on
the right side or the wrong side which decides his hat type.

Solution and Alternatives:  Use Hacking talents right

Most of the community
around black hate hacking have put them as the criminals and the evil of the
online community; that they are selfish, only want money and petty revenge.
Also, the community looks very highly on white hats, they are the good guy and
ethical hackers of the online community; that they are driven by honest motivations,
they only want to help companies and be the ones to fix the problem.


1.      Appreciation Towards Black Hat:

If people gave the black
hat hackers more appreciation and more respect for what they do and what they
have accomplished over the years then maybe the amount of “bad” hacks
would go down. Black Hats expose corporate negligence and force product
stability onto companies to provide better security and support to users. Also
forces the company to accept that the flaws that are present are the companies
fault and not other sources. The companies have to fully fix the problem that
they have avoided to either fix or care about and redirect the cost of the
issue onto the company who originally caused the flaw.

2.      More Media Attention Towards White

In another way, look into
giving the white hat hackers more media attention or more credit when they do
find a flaw or vulnerability. By taking the spotlight away from the Black Hats
who are always over the news, and the media by forcing that spotlight onto the
White Hats. Usually, the White Hats work, fix and find these variabilities all
behind the scene where most people do not know or see them working. If the
media shows how much they did, instead of always showing the bad it will make
people want to join the good site of the internet. This will also reduce the
overall amount of the black hat hackers work that the media will see, instead,
there will be more of the white hats finding all the different bugs.

Criteria for Defining Hackers

These criteria’s are used
to define the solutions exampled, the criteria’s are based on professional
articles, information gained by personal experience and discussing with other
people related to the field of cybersecurity and cybercrime. The criteria are
as follows:


The motivation is whether
the hackers want to expose the companies, use the flaws to steal the
information of others or if the hackers want to help the companies by telling
them the flaws. Even though a Black Hat may not have a contract to hack the
company which is technically bad hacking, it is needed because not every
company is going to willing let people hack them. Generally, Black Hat hackers
are equally needed as White Hat Hackers. White Hat and Black Hat all use the
same practices and same methods to hack, it is just whether they want to hack
for the good side of the law or the bad side of the law.


On the point of
contracts, to be a White Hat hacker they have to have a contract or permission
by the company they are hacking or else it is illegal and therefore you are
classified as a Black Hat. Due to having only White Hat hackers legally allowed
to find exploits this really limits the number of flaws to be found, by having
Black Hats who are working for no company directly, some are still hacking for
a good reason. Usually, a White Hats have some kind of college degree whether
it is in IT Security or Computer Science and they must be certified to do these
certain types of Hacks. Where Black Hats may not have the same qualifications
or degrees as a White Hat, it does not mean that they are all bad. Most of the
Black Hat hackers are all self-taught and learned how to hack all on there own..


The companies all hold
high statuses and by Black Hats hacking these companies without direct
permission in causes these companies to get a reality check that they are not
perfect, that they all have flaws that need to fixed.  It forces the company to accept the problem
so that they truly accept the flaws so that no matter what happens there will
be a fix to the problem. Also, by Black Hats realizing the problems and
expressing it causes many law suits and problems that the companies have no
choice by to fully fix the problem, deal with the huge finical hit and having
to fix the problems that have been presented.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

In conclusion, the
positives to a Black Hat is that they have no contract and they do all of the
hacks for no pay or no real personal benefit to hacking these organizations,
they hack to help everyone understand how messed up and how corrupt all these
highly looked upon companies are. They expose corporations just not for a
personal gain but to help others. At the same time, black hats due hack for
nonmoral reasons which are also why they do have a bad name within the online
community. Black hats hack companies, people, and websites with no permission
at all and just for personal enjoyment. The other side is White Hat hackers who
only hack for good, they get the contacts from companies to purposely find the
exploits so that the company can if any fix them without the media finding out.
White hats only find the exploits within companies that want them to hack, they
do everything for a reason and to get paid. White hats hack to help out the
companies so that Black Hats do not find the flaws first. In the end, the
online community needs both the white and the black hats to be present because
without Black Hats certain flaws will not be found and without White Hats,
those flaws will not be fixed.