This stated that “parents who do not

This essay will explain the
influence that parents have on their child’s educational experience and
achievement. This will also explore different studies and theories regarding
the effects of parental involvement, attachment and parenting styles. Parental
involvement is defined as parental participation in the educational process and
experience of their child. Diana Baumrind (1971) identified four types of
parenting styles including authoritative, authoritarian, permissive and
uninvolved. Those all parenting styles that that this essay will explain and
use research evidence to determine which parenting style has the most positive
outcome for a child’s educational experience.

 Children whose parents are more involved in
their education have higher levels of academic performance than children with
uninvolved parents.  The most effective
way for parents to participate in their child’s schooling is to work directly
with a child at home using learning activities. Some of these activities can
include reading, support with homework, and communicating about any
difficulties. “Students with below-average grades reported that their parents
spent little or no time with them on schoolwork” (Stein & Thorkildsen,
1999, p.18). This shows that parental involvement has a significant influence
on a child’s academic achievement and educational experience.

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Another way of parents can be
involved in their children’s education is by attending a parent-teacher
meeting, this is a conference between a child parents and their teachers which allows
parents to see their child’s performance, behaviour in education and gain
knowledge on how they could contribute to their child’s learning. Children with
involved parents receive better grades and long-term academic achievements. The
former secretary of education stated that “parents who do not play with their
child or read them stories risk limiting their development” (Gurdian,2006). Children
with parents that participate in their education score higher grades than those
whose parents play a passive role or are absent. This is because involved
parents encourage their children to succeed in school. They also help their
children to do their homework and work in partnership with teachers to identify
and solve problems in their children’s education.

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