This to the weekdays. During the week,This to the weekdays. During the week,

This paper will consist of my
three-day diet plan and how it compares to the healthy guidelines established.
My eating habits varies each day depending on how busy I am and what types of
food I crave that day. Typically, I eat more food on the weekends as opposed to
the weekdays. During the week, I will snack more on fruits especially for the
days when I have classes. This is my report based on the past three days from Friday
to Sunday.

Examination of Current Diet

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According to the nutritional health screening,
my score was only one point because I eat alone most of the time. Compared to
the nutrient intake report my daily limit of calories is 2200 because I am
breastfeeding. My Body Mass Index is 20.4 which is normally healthy for my age
and size. The nutrients, Food Tracker says that I am lacking in is protein,
fiber, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, D, E, K and Choline. I
am very surprised to see I am lacking in calcium, potassium, and protein.
Usually I over-eat in those areas, but then again, I only tracked for three
days and my food varies. I can correct my deficiencies by incorporating more
meals and snacks that are full of the nutrients I am lacking. I can limit my
excess intake of added sugars and sodium.

Changes Toward a Healthy Diet

From my current diet I have learned that it is
not okay. There are a lot of areas I can improve in regarding my food consumption
(Dudek, 2018). I do not want to rely on medicinal supplements so I need to plan
my diet better. I want to become healthier and gain a healthy amount of weight.
Nutrients should be met through food not supplements anyway. I want to increase
my energy so I need to make sure my meals are balanced with the right
nutrients. I also want to drink more water. The dietary guidelines for Americans
serve as the federal policy on nutrition. (Dudek, 2018) I need to add more protein
such as poultry, nuts, peas, and eggs. I need more fibers like oatmeal, pasta,
and grits. Now for choline I must eat food with more herbs and spices but also
seafood. I must find a variety of different foods to compile to make sure I am
getting all the necessary nutrients.