This wheat, grapes, sugar, cattle, horses, andThis wheat, grapes, sugar, cattle, horses, and

This Atlantic trade gave
Europeans an advantage which was to gain complete control of a lucrative trade
unavailable to anyone else. Spain and Portugal opened the network to Asia and
America, but soon found other European powers scrambling for a share. Columbus
wrote of the Indians and their childlike innocence, while others were described
as savages. The primary stereotypes Europeans created about Indians, were that Indians
viewed the Europeans with curiosity, fear, and loathing. Europeans
gained more than gold from the New World. Tomatoes, beans, cacao, peanuts, and
others items made their way to Europe as well, greatly transforming European
diets. Indians got wheat, grapes, sugar, cattle, horses, and a transformation
of the local flora and fauna as European plants and animals overwhelmed native.

Spaniards supplanted the Aztec and Incan hierarchies while leaving most of the
administrative structure intact. This allowed them to rule without having to
fully reconstruct a bureaucratic system. Villagers offered goods and services
to the Spanish as they had done to their Aztec leaders. Discovering
large quantities of species in lands taken from the Aztecs and Incas, the
Spanish shipped as much as possible to Spain. Within the first two decades
after conquering the Aztecs, the Spanish transported more gold than all of
Europe then possessed. According to the primary sources in the Spanish and
Aztec Worlds Collide we read two passages with two points of view. One from a Spaniard
and one from an Aztec translated by a Spanish friar.

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arrival as part of appreciate and trade Cortes provides food, wine and blue
beads to the messengers. A few days later the Indians return with fowls, maize cakes,
fruits, and gold jewels. Then again Cortes is gifted with a “petaca” which is a
type of golden engraved chest as well as food and in return again Cortes gives
them beads and twisted glass. In the Aztec account it is said that on arrival
Cortes was given precious cloaks that only the leader would wear. He admits to receiving
strings of beads in return.Motecuccoma sent 5 people to meet Cortez and they
climbed on his ship adorned him in gold plated dressings and mask only to be
told is this everything? Then Cortes ordered for them to be tied up with iron
plates on their feet and neck and shot off a cannon.

both primary and secondary sources I have come to the conclusion that the
Spanish/Portuguese didn’t trade fairly. The Spaniards seems to only provide
simple food and beadery when in return the Aztecs and the Indians provided the
best of their belongings and valuables. This including food and gold or silver jewelry.
However the Spanish did have commodities valuable to the Indians which were of
coarse clothing and religion or education. Which could be debatable rather or
not they needed or wanted it.