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Throughout history, a utopian government has failed to develop in our society. But you need a government to manage a country. Every government that has developed throughout history though has come with different privileges, whether it be the authoritarian rule of one individual, an oligarchic rule by a select few, or democratically allowing everyone an equal chance to partake in government. Which one government would be the most ideal by providing the greatest happiness to the greatest amount of people? I believe that the democratic system provides the most happiness, if happiness to everyone meant having basic needs, equal rights, opportunities, and ability to improve.      Democracy more or less guarantees the rights of every citizen as they please. There are many countries that are ruled under a democratic government such as: The United States, Germany, Poland, and etc. One thing that a Democratic governments provides countries citizens, is the right to information. The World Wide Web in these generations is one of the greatest resources to information, but not all countries get access to this privilege. For example, North Korea, which is under a dictatorship, has internet that is tightly controlled by the government and only used with state approval. The dictatorial government requires people to believe what it says. Also Internet access will open North Koreans to rest of the world and to themselves as well which might lead to major unrest in the public. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on in our world, and the opportunities out there?      A democracy works well because theoretically, a democracy is a government in which the people rule and the government cannot deprive the fundamental rights of people and a democracy insures that the government does not abuse its power like a autocracy form of government would. Like Abraham lincoln said, ” Democracy is a government of the people, for the people, and by the people”. The dictatorial government of North Korea is not providing it’s citizens with the most amount of happiness. If dictatorship was to bring the most amount of happiness you had the perfect leader who was strong and was “fair” to his/her citizens. However, that is the ideal and the reality is often far from that ideal. One of the reasons why the US and other democracies are a magnet for people from non-democratic countries is that they can enjoy a freedom that they’ve never had. Also, there are checks and balances on leaders so that if the leader abuses his/her power, there are steps in place to remove the leader if need be. In a dictatorship, no such conditions apply and the leader is free to do as the person pleases.      Democracy is a political system that promotes the freedom and the equal right of an individual to self-development. People in a democratic society either directly govern themselves or elect some individuals to whom the power to govern society is delegated. Socialism on the other hand is a economic system but there is still a possibility to have a Socialist government, that has little to no regard at all for civil liberties. Socialism focuses on collective ownership of production resources and relies on the state. Democracy provides more people freedom which most likely will provide more happiness to more people compared to socialism that is more tight knit.      Since there is no utopian government made, Democracy would be the most ideal government to bring the most happiness to the most people. It gives it citizens more privileges compared to a dictatorial government. Democracy works by being a government of the people. Democracy gives equal rights to for self-development compared to Socialism. Will Democracy eventually evolve into our perfect government?