Throughout departure of the U.K. from theThroughout departure of the U.K. from the

Throughout history up until
today, there have been many factors that divide and unite people. Factors
including religion, ideologies, government, and culture effect how people go
about their lives and how they choose to identify. Due to this, old nations
have changed or new nations have formed. The clash of tradition and modernity are
the causes of people uniting and dividing.

         In the 1920s the United States economy was booming. This
called for social and political change amongst citizens. Some adapted, and some
were unequipped to the “urban” society. New technology including the automobile and radio expanded
the middle class and left citizens excited for the future. The government started to put more effort into the
economy. This resulted in the transition from rural to city. Many women
developed social freedoms, families moved out of traditional ways, and people
seemed to be happy and united.

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         However, issues arose between traditional and modern
citizens. The other side of the nation felt divided, it became urban versus
rural. Urban areas were producing more while the rural areas were producing
less. The urban economy was prospering and this resulted in lower crop prices.
Also, with women gaining more freedom, some opposed. This cause tension in
homes and workplaces.

         In today’s society, Brexit is a popular
discussion amongst Europeans. Britain is departing from the European Union due
to issues that the European Union has brought on. Issues include trade,
immigration, and financial regulation. Britain believes this is going against
their sovereignty and will depart from the European Union on March 29, 2019.

         The departure of the U.K. from the European Union is both
positive and negative. Those who voted for Brexit believe it will make the
government and economy stronger as a result from breaking away from the
infringing bureaucracy. They also believe it will unify the U.K. and that it
will create an independent prospering nation. Those who oppose are European
Union citizens who work in Britain. The labor laws will change and this could
affect their jobs and financial status. Another reason citizens oppose the
departure is that the European Union will be smaller and with Britain being
independent, it will become a target for terrorism, increasing migration, and
disturb alliances.

         There will always be something dividing and unifying people
throughout society. The world is divided because coming together for one common
goal is nearly impossible. What makes a nation, and a nation-state is the
challenges it faces, and the decisions it makes to better themselves and the



biggest global threat to society today is terrorism. Acts such as 9/11, the
Paris Attacks, and the 2007 Yazidi communities’ bombings have taken the lives of
thousands of people and have instilled fear to many around the world. Terrorism
is growing and no nation is safe from it. To counteract terrorism, the global population
must work together to combat these extremist and protect themselves and preach
peace, prosperity, and freedom amongst nations.

         Terrorism can be started by ethno-nationalism, or breaking
away from the government to create their own. Terrorist are against the government
due to religion, socioeconomic status, alienation, discrimination, and
political grievances.

         The main issue with terrorism is that the terrorist blend in
with our everyday population and there is no longer a sense of security. ISIS
and Al-Qaeda are the main terrorist groups that continue to grow. Their actions
are a great disturbance and need to be stopped to instill a sense of security

         In order for the world to protect themselves against
terrorism, it must start building a stronger partnership amongst countries.
Through partnership, the countries can create a deeper awareness of terrorism
by increasing tools to fight against it. Developing stronger law enforcement
and homeland security could also save lives and prevent attacks.

Peace, prosperity, and freedom
are three important qualities of life. However, terrorism is threatening these
freedoms almost every day. Joint efforts between nations must be taken to fight
terrorism and gain a stronger sense of peace, prosperity, and freedom
throughout the world.