Throughout they are seen as more powerfulThroughout they are seen as more powerful

history, it has been viewed that acquisition was always an important task of
any government. When a government acquires a territory, or an industry, they
are seen as more powerful in the eyes of the rest of the society. During the
mid-1800’s, the Unites States was a in a process of expanding its economy and
market. The labor system was growing at a fast rate due to new inventions and the
industrial age. However, the country disagreed on the most efficient system of
labor. The north side of the United States believed in a free labor system
without using slaves brought against their will. Citizens of the south believed
slavery maintained a peaceful society without major conflicts. It was a subject
that strongly divided the nation unlike anything the U.S. has ever experienced.

There were over three million slaves working, making the slave labor force one
of the largest in the world at that time (Gates).

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While slavery did bring much oppression during the nineteenth century, I
believe that slavery was a lesson learned that has shaped this nation into
becoming a country known for various forms of freedom.  

Both sides had individuals advocate
for their stance. Social Theorist George Fitzhugh and Secretary of State in
1858 William Seward, discuss and argue in favor of their labor system while
criticizing the other side. Seward writes his opinions about the labor system
in his “Irrepressible Conflict” in 1858. Others such as Harriet Tubman and Abraham
Lincoln pushed for the emancipation of slavery (“Harriet Tubman” 2009). After researching
online, I have found several sites that provide key insight regarding the drive
behind slavery as well as the determination from those who wanted to abolish
slavery in the United States.

Slavery in the United States is a historical
era many know about worldwide. The topic of slavery has always sparked interest.

The determination and struggle by many enslaved is very motivating and
fascinating. Reading historical events such as these reminds today’s society of
what abuse looks like and how we could easily see others as inferior to