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Throughout the evolution of history humans have witness various sources of authority. The authority of the prestigious otherwise identified as Traditional, the authority of captivating leadership known as Charismatic Dominion, and finally, the dominion based upon due process but better recognized as Legal Rational. Many individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi, Barack Obama, and Adolf Hitler exemplified charismatic leadership contrary to likes of King Henry and Queen Elizabeth who were given the blessing of a righteous position of inheritance. With that being said, in this essay I plan on examine the authority of Somalian warlord Hussein Mohamed Farah Aidid Jr. and Serbian President Slobodan Miloševi?. I will analyze the similarities and differences in their style of authority.

 In order for an individual to become a successful leader they must seek public approval and idolized by the people of the state. This is surely done by the ability to utter soundly words that encourage the nation to seek guidance for they will publicize you and your ideologies. Former Somali Warlord Aidid Jr. has displayed this after the death of his father who carried a heavily feared militia, General Aidid. Aidid Jr. seemed as an unlikely successor since he was not eldest child of General Aidid but he showed courage as Maas mentions, “the elders of the Habr Gedir clan had met in a panic to choose a new leader”. The people became hostile and Aidid Jr. was the courageous son to take on his father’s role to lead the nation the nation. He hit the front lines of the militia leading his army at a time when the nation was in a great deal of turmoil. His bravery and charisma proved to the clan elders he was a great chief and his mindset lead the people to victory in numerous battles. Although his position was dangerous and needed one who had experience, Aidid Jr. never doubted his capabilities, which indeed kept his people hopeful for better days.  

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