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Tim Baxter is the President and chief executive officer (CEO) of Samsung. Samsung Electronics was founded in 1938 and is a Korean company. Samsung is considered a worldwide leader in mobile and digital media technologies. It makes a variety of devices, such as, DVD players, Digital Tvs, and computers, color monitors LCD panels, and printers. However, they are also well known by their communications devices that goes from wireless handsets and smartphones to networking gear. Samsung main competitors are Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation, Lg Electronics, and of course, Apple. Tim Baxter lives in New Jersey with his wife and their three children.  He graduated from Roger Williams University with a Bachelor of Science in marketing and is currently on the Board of Trustees.  He holds an honorary degree from Roger Williams University and honorary doctorate from South Carolina State University.  Tim also serves on the Board of Directors for the CTIA and Junior Achievement USA.Before Tim Baxter was chosen as a CEO of Samsung, he worked at AT&T as a Product Management Director from 1991 until 1996. At AT&T he was responsible for leading marketing, product management and sales for different types in the company’s phone business. He also made sure the company advertised growth in key product styles. After AT he starting working at Sony Electronics from 1996 to 2006 as a Strategic Marketing. He played an active role in the development in the marketing tactic of Sony. People says he helped Sony to build a brand within the United States. According to The Balance, a president and CEO of a company is expected to provide leadership in an organization, and most importantly, provide a track for the actions that employees must take. However, the role of a president and CEO varies depending on the company and how large it is. Some of the responsibilities of a President and CEO are:Creating, communicating, and applying the company’s vision, mission and overall track. They need to make sure the goal of the company is well communicated so employees can feel they are part of something big and feel important. Leading and evaluating the work of other executive leaders. Meet frequently with senior company employees to make sure that the decisions of the company are well-worked. Also, use he/she team to spread the ideas through the company. Evaluating the success of the company. Maintain awareness of the external and internal competitors, opportunities for enlargement, customer needs, etc.In the case of Tim Baxter, as president and CEO of Samsung Electronics he is responsible for the nonstop growth of Samsung’s $30 billion+ consumer and undertaken businesses across Samsung Electronics America and Samsung Electronics Canada. Baxter supervises the strategic vision of Samsung Electronics America and Canada and runs the sales, marketing and operations team inside Consumer Electronics, Mobile, Home Appliance, Customer Care and Services and New Business.