Tips park especially when dealing with fragileTips park especially when dealing with fragile

Tips for packaging if you’re
sending parcel via courier services

Packaging a box to be sent through
courier is usually not a walk in the park especially when dealing with fragile
or very expensive content. It must be properly, paying utmost
attention to detail.

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Whether nationally or internationally,
courier parcels are exposed to numerous unfavourable conditions; having other
parcels placed on it, reckless handling by courier staff and even hostile
environmental pressures. To prevent leaving the shipper in a nervous state,
courier parcels must be appropriately parcelled to withstand the adverse
conditions prone to resulting in wear and tear while package is in transit.
Hence, the following is an easy guide towards achieving a safe, damage-free

Vital Packaging Materials

Although overlooked by many, this stage
is as important as it can be. Before booking a delivery or packaging any item,
one must first ensure that they have all required items. However, sending of
documents, paintings, posters or a book might require slightly different

The necessary items include scissors,
tape and a pen (a black Sharpie preferably). Bubble wraps are not left out,
infact, the more bubble wraps used, the safer the item should be in transit.
Filling the box with packaging materials such as polystyrene packaging peanuts
gives the item the best protection and use of space when packing.

It is also best to have a plastic
shipping label pouch handy before beginning with packaging especially when transfer
is international. It is very important that the sender has shipping pouches to
attach custom documents along with shipping labels.

Likewise, the need for a new sturdy
cardboard cannot be overestimated. It is worth making sure that the shipping
box is new as this gives a higher chance of a damage-free transit. The sender
must ensure that the box can comfortably fit the packaged items and packaging

the Item

The “Packing the Item” stage is one of
the most important stages making up the entire process and there is the need to
ensure that the item is packaged as well as it can be.

Whilst packing, even if the item to be
sent has its original box, wrapping it in a layer or two of bubble wrap is a
necessity. Really, the need for a bubble wrap cannot be overestimated as it
helps prevent damage during transit.

Packing should kick-off with placing the
item in the middle of a sheet or two of bubble wrap and neatly wrapping it up.
At this stage, the more packaging materials used, the greater protection the
item in it has.

Next, fill the bottom of the box with
packaging peanuts, place the bubble wrapped item inside the box and fill up the
remaining sides with more packaging peanuts. This is to completely cushion the
item within it.

Not convinced on the sufficiency of the
packaging peanuts? Hold the lid of the box and shake vigorously. If movements
occur, add more packaging peanuts until there are no movements when shaking the

The next very imperative step is to use
packaging tape to seal the cardboard box. The tape should be wrapped around the
main seam and other seams along the sides if the box.