Title: hugely impact individual’s attendance rate asTitle: hugely impact individual’s attendance rate as


Title: What are the barriers to attendance to
Cardiac rehab in South Asians with coronary heart disease?

Introduction: Cardiac rehab is an effective program
that provides holistic interventions to improve the quality of life in patients
with heart disease, yet many South Asian patients do not participate. From the
literature, South Asian people have the lowest attendance rate in the UK and
across the globe. Hence, the author was interested in exploring the population
group, to understand the barriers that affected their participation in Cardiac

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Aim:To explore and identify the barriers
to CR in the South Asian population suffering from CHD.


Method: Three main databases, CINAHL, EMBASE,
MEDLINE were systematically searched to identify existing literature which
would provide an understanding of South Asians views of CR and what the
barriers are leading to reduced attendance. A manual hand search of the
references was conducted so further relevant research papers could be obtained.


Search result:A total of seven papers, six
qualitative and one quantitative, were selected and screened against the
inclusion criteria. These papers were then critically analysed using the
Caldwell critical appraisal tool (2011).


Findings:Thematic analysis identified eight main
themes; lack of education/knowledge, practical barriers (flexible CR hours,
access to transport), family and friends influence, culture barriers, language
barriers, lack of referrals by healthcare professionals, and support from
healthcare professionals. Also, strengths and limitations of each paper were


Conclusion: This review, and the chosen research
papers identified that there are many barriers to attending CR programmes in
South Asian communities. The review suggests that language, lack of
understanding and cultural barriers are most frequently attributed to South
Asians with CHD not participating in CR. Additionally, healthcare professionals,
family and friends can hugely impact individual’s attendance rate as they can
influence South Asian patients to partake in CR services and ensure they
entirely recognise the importance and benefit of the programme.  Finally, this review concludes South Asians
communities require culturally adapted services, in order to encourage
attendance and promote a healthier lifest