To. Economics and Political Science, Department ofTo. Economics and Political Science, Department of


Scholarship Committee,

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School of Economics and Political Science,

of Economics,

The United Kingdom (UK)



a year of critical thinking of my next academics and career plans in life, I
believe your  Masters in Economics
Program answers gracefully my search for academics fulfilment in life. Being
African, having been born and raised in Turkana county, North-West Kenya
inhabited by the Turkana, a nomadic hunter-gatherer community practising
pastoralism and banditry as a way of life. I pride the young man whom I have so
far become being a first ever 3rd generation Economics intellectuals from my
clan. An achievement contrary to my peers and societal belief. I stand at a
very pivotal moment in history. I believe, I both share the education dreams
and sentiments from my forefathers and my personal belief and aspirations of
contributing to excellence in the field of economics through my deep interest
and passion in research, economic policy development and implementation of
programs and project management.

may expect that I have turned out to be pessimistic about the economic greed of
this community and self-intrigue that I can splash fuel onto the blazes of
conflict. In undeniable reality, working hard, as I have, to haul myself out of
this distraught setting and to comprehend the manner by which our social orders
can be positively shaped by a comprehension of economics aspects. The crucial
importance and relevance of economics-related disciplines to the modern world
have led me to want to pursue the study of this social science at a higher
level. The need for policy-makers capable of employing cross-jurisdictional,
and cross-disciplinary strategies to solve complex challenges cannot be
under-emphasized; hence my application to this scholarship program.

brought up in such a perilous situation left little opportunity the size of a
needle eye to put my education first throughout my young life. I managed to
gain good grades at KCPE and went on to perform similarly well at A-level
topping in my class and being the only one from the whole Turkana county to be
admitted for Economics degree in Moi University. While on campus I continued to
be a dedicated and hardworking student and managed to secure a Second Class
Honours Upper Division with 68 points. My experiences while studying for my
undergraduate  Economics degree has shown
me the fundamental part it plays in our lives and at a higher level I would
like to approach it with an open mind – interested but not yet fully informed.
My purpose for applying to graduate school is to both expand my existing
knowledge and to create additional opportunities for myself in the future.

addition to the theoretical understanding of the field that my economics
studies have given me, I have also been lucky enough to gain hands-on
experience of their application in the real world. Between September and
December of 2016,  I undertook an
industrial attachment at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
within the Panning and Accounts Unit. Working alongside senior economic
researchers introduced me to the demands of research at the highest levels, as
well as deepening my understanding of the creation and implications of economic

being an Economics graduate, I am a Certified Public Accountant professional
and at the moment working as a Finance Analyst graduate Trainee at Cadbury
Kenya Limited, a subsidiary of Mondel?z International. The experience and
skills I would bring to your institution are leadership, good oral and written
communication and organisational skills. I have successfully delivered projects
within agreed budgets deadlines. Clear and concise communication and the
ability to develop strong relationships through working as a team have been
critical success factors in achieving this. I believe through the academics,
cultural and extensive research experience and exposure offered by your institution,
I will be an all rounded student in character and in both social interaction
and professional interaction with the rest of your students.

success in project management accounting at Cadbury Kenya Limited is seen in
the role I played in the recovery of lost data in SAP an ERP system. That came
about due to a cyber attack that hit Cadbury Kenya resulting in extreme
financial and data loss for the business in July 2017. Through my quality
reporting and analysis levels,  together
with the rest of the team, we compiled and restored 4 Months of lost data
within a period of 3 weeks saving the company lots of resources. This resulted
in global recognition for quality levels of reporting and proof of leadership
demonstrated at a time most needed by the organization. This exercise improved
my exposure in all aspects of a project and financial management, from detailed
budget analyses, accounting, reporting, performance reviews, and overseeing and
approving resource allocation.

local work experience gave me valuable insights into both the corporate world
and a government ministry. Working with a large team helped me to develop my
communication skills and to work cooperatively with a variety of different
people from different races and cultural background. In addition, I was asked
to work independently on certain tasks in the finance and accounting divisions,
which allowed me to use my own initiative to contribute to the company’s
objectives. I was also interviewed on numerous occasions to give my opinions on
planning the 2018 statutory audit. This required me to provide analytical
judgements, speaking at large board meetings, which improved my confidence
greatly. I spent time working on human resources, accounts, marketing and

I finish writing this, I trust that throughout this brief statement I have
satisfied you with my interest and commitment to the study of Economics. I
believe I will make an important contribution to your university and aspire to
have the opportunity to demonstrate this to you. I am reminded of the old
saying, attributed to Picasso, that “Good artists borrow –

ones steal.” I am indebted to my friends and colleagues from whom I stole and
plagiarized to write

document: Henry Osuru my brother and my dad, Gregory Ikakoro and my development
economics lecturer Mr Swara.