To many people skip breakfast because theyTo many people skip breakfast because they

To persuade my audience to be healthy and productiveThesis: I’ll talk about our unhealthy eating habits and the solution to this problem. Attention I. Attention Getter: How many of you would like to live 10 years longer than the average lifespan and be productive and healthy?II.Reason to Listen: Personally, I used to live unhealthy lifestyle. There came a point in my life where I had to stop being unhealthy and unfit. I decided to turn my life around, exercise, eat breakfast and balanced meals, and no more fast food.III. Ethos: Today I want to persuade you to take action and become more physically fit. Preview Main Points: With your life on the line, it is important to approach each day in a healthy way in order to live a healthy and active life.NeedI.  Illustration: The problem is that people are not eating right causing them to be not fit.The vast majority eat too few vitamin and mineral, rich foods. Overdo on fats,sugars and alcohol.II. Ramifications: We do not eat well and we have poor eating food is everywhere and it can be the easiest thing to choose as well as the cheapest food.showing off the expensive price tags pretty much saying don’t pick me.(Transition)Satisfaction I. Statement of Solution: The plan of action is to become more physically fit. Wake up earlier to make breakfast, be more physically active, and set a target for yourself.My plan will work if you wake up earlier despite the fact that many people skip breakfast because they do not want to wake up earlier to make it. Some people simply do not like to eat breakfast.Visualization The visualization is the video. I. Negative Visualization: When you live a unhealthy lifestyle your body will be tired the whole time and your movement will be slow. II. Positive Visualization: When you live a healthy lifestyle your body will be more active and healthy. Conclusion/ActionI. Summary/Restatement of Main Points: we have gone through why we should do more to improve our own physical fitness! The first thing we talked about was the problem that exists which is people are unfit, emphasizing the importance of how people do not eat a balanced meal and the amount of people who are obese in America. Also, we talked about our plan of action and demonstrating the importance of a healthy breakfast, more physical activity, and setting a target for yourself.II. Statement of Action or Attitude Change: I made you all visualise your future with and without my plan emphasizing the importance of staying healthy and fit. So, act now and do it today!! Go home and throw away all the food like substances in your cabinets and replace them with organic and whole grain foods. Don’t forget to get your Fitbit and count your steps!