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To be successful companies should be innovative and creative in addition
to offering customers a value proposition to attract them. Creativity
is ‘the use of imagination or original ideas to create something’. (Oxford Dictionaries, 2018).  Value
proposition ‘is an innovation,
service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to
customers.’ (Oxford Dictionaries, 2018). One example of
a value proposition presented to customers is newness. (this is when a product
fulfils needs that customers didn’t previously perceive). Pebble launched the
product in 2012, and it was a new product that satisfied the needs of customers
that other products didn’t; through the new features that customers may not
have identified as a necessity beforehand. This is one of the key reasons it became the ‘the first commercially
successful smartwatch’ (Pesce, 2017). Another
value proposition is customisation (when customers are able to individualise
products to their own liking by changing the colour, size etc.). Pebble has
shown the use of this value propositions to attract customers by allowing them
to individualise their products; making the item more personal for their individual.
They do this by allowing the customer to choose different coloured watches in
addition to letting them to choose their ‘favourite watchfaces using
Pebble’s iPhone or Android app.’ (Kickstarter, 2012).


Boden (2004) looks at three types of creativity. The first, ‘combinational’ creativity is shown when there are new
combinations of familiar ideas. An example of this is the cronut and ice-cream
taco. The second, ‘explorative’ creativity is
shown when new ideas are generated by the exploration of structured concepts.
An example of this is the telephone. Using the telephone as an example, we see
that over time; looking at whether it’s possible to take our phones everywhere
has led to the creation of new products such as smartphones. Boden (2004) also
discusses ‘transformational’ creativity which can lead to new structures being
generated. (Boden, 2004). Out of the three
types of creativity, I think that Pebble has shown the use of
explorative creativity. Their
smartwatches are made by evaluating structured concepts; in a similar way to
smartphones. Their watches allow users to measure the distance they run and
even control their music. (Kickstarter,

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