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To begin with, it is important to remember that in the physical examination of a child, the revision of the mouth and ears must be the last, for them it is threatening; The environment must be reliable and calm, parents must be present and participate if possible, this will give them security. If the newborn and infants begin to cry, at the time of opening the mouth should be examined quickly, can entertain newborns and babies with games, and encourage mouth movements so that newborns and infants repeat the movement and stimulate your mouth with a palette, initially without pressure, but yes, respond to the game and try to repeat the movement of the mouth, opening it; the professional must perform the examination quickly and accurately; for that you must have placed it in a position, either lying down or in the arms of the father. It can be provided, games with the doctor’s team, examining a toy, encouraging him to open his mouth and visualize quickly; when young children cooperate, the test is done quickly. In preschool children, it is very common for them to cooperate, but if they do not cooperate, the test must be carried out with the help of the parents, the arms of the child must be held by the father and the examination quickly. In my personal experience I had a 6-year-old patient who liked to sing and went to the clinic for tonsillitis, he felt a bit intimidated, he did not want to cooperate; I tried to earn their trust, I discovered the child’s taste for singing and I encouraged him to sing the vowels, for that I used a didactic game in which the boy, the father and I participated; I started with the vowel U, then the father with the vowel O, at that moment I approached and examined the father, and told him that he did not sing well because he had to open his mouth, I told him to repeat the vowel I, the father did it , reviewing it again and the boy opened his mouth, singing the sound of the vowel E and A, everything was a success, it is important to gain the confidence of the child and provide security, besides knowing them, and finding games that stimulate them, it is important to distraction them, such as saying colors, telling or talking about their activities; our voice must be soft, sweet and safe, in addition, to give positive comments when the child cooperates. You should always examine them and it is preferable that they do not feel invaded, but if they cooperate, we should try to sustain them and verify that everything is well in their oral cavity.