To triangle of training such as trainer,

To get the
spotlight in the news, celebrities of today, in Hollywood are transforming
their appearance. One of the major tendency diets with celebs nutrition is the
low carb and high protein diet. They want to gain muscles with a heavy workout.
The majority of them construct the basic triangle of training such as trainer,
nutritionist, and medical doctor. With the help of the medical doctor, they
complete their blood test and physical examination. Nutritionist takes the result
and decides the supplements plan with diet. The trainer guides the fitness
program and assists them to attain physical prowess. But, how do they do this?
How do they attain that rock hard abs and chest of steel? In short, what they
do to make muscles?  It is very difficult to be strict on the same diet as
well as to hit the tight gym. How has Lee Priest transformed his body?

About Lee Priest

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Lee Andrew Priest
McCutcheon was NABBA athlete and Australian IFBB bodybuilder. Not only in
Australia, but around the globe, he is most popular Pro bodybuilder. He got
fame at very young age, due to his remarkable achievements as well as wons his
first show when he was just 13 years old. Moreover, turned IFBB Pro when he was
20 years old. Lee Priest attained IFBB World Amateur Championship, lightweight
category and ranked fourth in 17 years old. He belongs to Australia and is
popular for his controversy with his integrity related to delicate issues such
as religion and drug use. 

He is famous for
his other abilities apart from bodybuilding plus has a strong determination and
is popular for his enthusiasm for driving and speed racing cars. In the age of
32, he started racing and won the titles in circle track, drag racing, and road
racing. He is popular for many reasons and his fan following is very high. It
is increasing day by day because of he knows the trick to be in news and to be
the center of all eyes. He has fans in all over the world.

Full Name: Lee
Andrew Priest McCutcheon




Date of Birth




July 6, 1972




Racing Car
Driver, Entrepreneur, Author, Professional Bodybuilder

Lee Priest
Training and Workout

According to Lee Priest, Bodybuilding is not a
ninety minutes exercise in the gym, it is a lifestyle. It is true because
gaining muscles is not very simple and easy because it needs strong
determination, consistency, and regularity. The hard work is the prime element
that is required for this. It is very important to maintain stamina and
determination from day one to day last. His biceps training rules are not very


To grow muscles,
high volume is vital with lifting heavy weights. This strategy is good to train
small muscles. With fewer sets, it is impossible to build small muscles
according to Lee Priest.

Barbell curls standing in each exercise

To build huge
arms, it is vital to stand barbell curl workout.


After exhausting
arms workout he goes straight to supersets. It restores the pump and develops

Arm preacher curls

In every workout,
this was the 4th rule. It is good to make his arms fuller and
put stress on the bellies biceps. For him, it is very important to follow the
rules. These are helpful to make body stout and fit.

Variation in workout

To maximize
muscles growth, it is good to change the workout routine. It is amazing to get
100% results of your workout. It is the fifth rule of his workout. He always
focused on the special ways of workout that are the basic reason for his strong


1st day: Legs

2nd day: Forearms and back

3rd day: Chest

4th day: Shoulders

5th day: Arms

Daily Calves

Every other day

of this Workout

A normal person
must do these workouts in the morning. Doing these workouts keeps him fresh and
healthy all the day. Breathing in the fresh air in the morning provides a
plenty of oxygen and man will enjoy the healthy life. Raising the metabolism of
the body after finishing the exercise will give a good and active routine
during the whole day. The benefit of the body for muscle building is that it
strengthens them for weightlifting. It is the best workout for preparing your
body for muscle building.

It is the
effective way to raise the flexibility of the muscles of the body. The muscles
that are mostly used in the weightlifting procedure are the legs, shoulders and
the arms. Tightening them by making their position in correct order following
all the rules is the effective workout for those who do not have tight muscles.
The lose muscles can damage very easily and it can produce torment in the body.
Keeping yourself fit and active it is very important to keep fit muscles in a
proper way.

People who do
cycling must have strong muscles especially of calves. He used specific legs
workout. It is the best way to raise the efficiency of the body while using the
heavy equipment. It tones up, strengthens and tightens the muscles of the body.
Keeping them active and energetic for the workout in the whole day the cycling
is the best hobby for the users. In the gym for toning up the muscles and
raising the flexibility, he made these rules. It has made his muscles flexible
for all types of workout. He performed with a strict routine. This was the
prime source that provided him a stout body with massive muscles.

Lee Priest Diet

Now comes diet, it
is the essential factor to be fit and healthy. When Lee Priest wanted to attain 75
pounds, he was ready to do so. He is very much strict in eating cheat meal
because he prefers clean diet. His favorite part of dieting is cheat meal. He
never takes the unhealthy diet. In a day, a person should eat 6 meals to get
maximum strength. His daily diet is very simple but perfect for bodybuilding.

Vegetables: Asparagus, Green beans, Broccoli,
SaladsFats: flax oil, milk, cheese, almondsCarbs: Apples, Bananas, OrangesCarbs: Rice, Bread, Oatmeal, Pasta, Cream
of RiceProtein: Eggs, Whey Protein, Chicken
Breasts, Lean Steak, Tuna

Lee Priest advice
for diet

The majority of
the people want to know the best diet plan for bodybuilding that helps them to
reduce the weight quickly. Lee Priest always follows the diet plan strictly which has those
ingredients that help to burn the fats and consume the calories instantly.
Weight should be according to the age and height. It helps man to look sleek
and smart. The best and effective diet plan should have these properties.

Always start your day with the food
that enhances the metabolism with empty stomach.You must take an egg white,
preferably boiled with tea that should be without sugar. It enhances the
metabolism and reduces the fats as well.On the other hand, take salad at
lunch or boiled food without oil.Use detoxifying water for drinking.Drink plenty of water as much you

Regular use of
milk is very beneficial for health. Protein is a vital element to raise
strength and power. It improves muscles strength and secures lean muscles in
bodybuilding. In the body, it is vital to healing and developing tissues. For
formation of hormones, chemicals, and body enzymes, protein plays an integral
role. It helps in constructing blood blocks, muscles, cartilage and others.
Bodybuilders grab, snatch and gulp down protein shakes. Dieters use protein
bars for weight loss. It contains minerals and vitamins to provide good
nutrients. It satisfies user’s craving without ruining the fitness goal.

According to
the Lee
regular exercise helps to cut down body fat. You can gain muscles with workouts
and the fat burning food. If you have fed up with the high-intensity workout,
then you should prefer light exercises and take an appropriate diet plan.

It is not an easy
way to hit a tight gym and lean the diet for a long time. The majority of the
people take inspiration from these celebrities to gain muscles mass. They have
improved their look with this transformation. Muscles building are the good
workout that tones up your body. There are several positive reasons to build
muscles and change appearance. It makes their look more glamorous and increases
their fame among their fans.

Why do celebrities
do bodybuilding? They do this to increase their fan following and
self-confidence immensely. It gives them feeling strong when they walk around.
They become the center of all eyes as well as news. For the celebrities, it is
not only the matter to get admiration seeing in the mirror. They want to look
stout and glamorous on the screen. For some stars, it is the demand of their
profession. They gain muscles to play some specific roles.

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