To useful for them. At the beginningTo useful for them. At the beginning

To explore , at a more foundational level, all development begins
with education which of course, stems from language. Yet, language is much more
than simply a mean of communication; it shows the books one reads, the
television programs one watches, the ideas one is exposed to, the values one
has acquired, personal interests, and career opportunities . It surely does
define our identities. Therefore, what is perhaps most damning is that because
of this given to the English language, the cultures of India are dying as they
lose out on generations of authors, actors, artists, innovators, orators, and
others who would have otherwise contributed to their own language.


should be taught according to requirement to the particular field ; they should
acquire language which is useful for them. At the beginning , most people learn
English languages in high school. At present many high school students honestly
know they want to pursue business with people that speak English language?
Actually no one knows. We do not need to write paragraphs because not every job
will use that , if you want to take it, then you can take the different classes
at a particular age where you are confortable to choose what you wanna study .

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But if you want to settle in United States, you pick up the Basic English
needed to survive there if you live in any country where English is not spoken
as in United States . Everybody else should at least learn English as a second
language. I’m all for everyone learning to read and write, but I fail to see
how poetry analysis is any help in later life. I really struggle with this side
of English and I’m much better at math’s and sciences, but to do a science
course at university, I still need my higher English in some Boards. I think
this is unfair as I’m getting about 90% in my math and sciences but might not
get into university because I can’t write a brilliant critical essay on
Shakespeare. If English is compulsory, math’s should be too, we don’t need a
world where people don’t know what the rules of 0 are. English should be taught
to younger children  who won’t know the
difference between a symbol and an antonym. English should be optional from
grade 11 to 12, by this ; students who want to do jobs that involve in depth
knowledge, like the news station or others can chose to pick English. Not for
students who want to become math professors or doctors. We till then know
English , as in to communicate with the society and to understand them with
this language. I do not think students should be required to refrain from
speaking their national language at school. Students who speak English only as
a second language are already under more stress at school than national
speakers. If we required them to speak English even among their friends, that
would make their free time more stressful. Making them speak English only would
make it really hard for them to talk to each other.


                         Imagine living in a
nation where you are, the member of the majority in the society and you are
unable to read the label of the medicine you want to give your child, on the
other hand , the menu at a local restaurant or even the warning signs of the
road; a place where you are unable to get in mentally , the government document
officiating your driver’s license or maybe even marriage. This is the world
that hundreds of millions of Indians live in simply because the elite prefer
English. This is a discrimination that has become so systemic that the elite
and middle classes send their children to English private schools while the
vast poor send theirs to the government schools of their mother tongue. One
need not mention that universities and even government jobs require fluency in
English, as mandated by the ruling elite. Hence, a person’s socioeconomic
status in Indian society is approximately in line with his or her fluency in
the language , which I would like to say it as : a new caste system.

                         There is an enormous range reasons as to why
English has become the language of the elite and of governance in India .It
remains that Indians have come to believe that their nation’s prosperity, as
well as their own, is completely dependent upon not just the learning part of
English, but most importantly learning it as a first language. It began with
the elite, and boomed within the middle class that was hired by multinational
companies, and then came forward to the vast majority hoping to escape their
destitution but unable to afford private English education. Many states in
India have attempted to make English the medium of instruction for all schools
in an attempt to make an unpleasant feeling for the demands of the poor;
however, the shortage of teachers who can even speak English is surreal. All of
this while the vast majority is able to communicate in their respective mother