Today than other countries in the worldToday than other countries in the world

Today human life is growing, they
not only need adequate material, but also needs to be satisfied spiritually as
entertainment, recreation and tourism. Therefore tourism is one of the
promising sectors. Vietnam tourism industry was born later than other countries
in the world but its role is undeniable. Tourism is a clean industry, bringing
large income GDP for the economy, tackling unemployment for thousands of
workers, contributing to spread the image of Vietnam to the world. “Vietnam is
a tourist’s paradise, and I believe that it is the best travel destination in
the world today. The country is a magical mix of natural, cultural, and
historical delights that appeals to emerging new travelers who seek more than
the usual replication of their own culture in a far-off land.” (Ross K.Dowling,
PhD, Foundation Professor of Tourism, Edith Cowan University Australia)
Moreover, Vietnam has a thousand-year
history, with an originally traditional culture, rich variety of relics,
landscapes and many other tourism resources, which are serious attraction for
tourists. During these past years, along with the renovation of the country,
Vietnam Tourism gradually had been developed. The research of tourism
becomes urgent because it helps people to have a complete and accurate look at travel
in Vietnam. This article will outline the current situation of the tourism
industry in Vietnam and offer solutions to help Vietnam’s tourism achieved new
achievements, overcome limitations, quickly develop the tourism to reach its
true potential and rapidly integrate into the tourism of the regional and the

First of all is Vietnam food
culture. Vietnamese cuisine encompasses the foods and beverages of Vietnam, and
features a combination of five fundamental tastes in the overall meal
(“Vietnamese Food”. Retrieved 26 June 2016). Each Vietnamese dish has
a distinctive flavor which reflects one or more of these elements. Traditional
Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of
dairy and oil, complementary textures, and reliance on herbs and vegetables.
With the balance between fresh herbs and meats and a selective use of spices to
reach a fine taste, Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest
cuisines worldwide (Annie Corapi (2011). “The 10 healthiest ethnic
cuisines”. CNN Health). Next, in Vietnam, there are numerous activities
for adventure tourism which is a type of niche tourism involving exploration or
travel to remote areas, where the traveler should expect the unexpected. For
example, Sapa, one of the most famous places for tours and holidays in Vietnam,
has been well-known as a great destination for trekking tours. It is located in
a height of 1500 meters compared to sea level great and has a wonderful
mountain range called Hoang Lien Son which consists of Fanxipan Mountain, 3,143
meters height , the highest one in Vietnam. Sapa privilege is a great choice
for adventure and trekking tours because of perfect weather and climate. With
its stunning mountains, villages and beautiful Valley which is called Muong
Hoa, Sapa provides some thing for everyone. Thirdly, visiting Vietnam, tourist
can enjoy and relax nearby a sea. Vietnam sea tourism has yet to make a special
appeal to tourists. Marine tourism is becoming a strategic development of the tourism
industry to take advantage of the landscape and ecology of coastal areas. With
a coastline of over 3,000 kilometers, thousands of large and small islands, a
series of white sandy beaches, blue water coastline are favorable conditions
for Vietnam’s sea tourism development. Beaches, bays of Vietnam travelers
worldwide known as Ha long Bay, Nha Trang or Da Nang – My Khe beach was voted
by Forbes Magazine as one of the most charming beaches 6 planets are saying the
pull of the sea to Vietnam for domestic and foreign tourists. Along the coast
of Vietnam has about 125 beaches favorable for the development of tourism. Last
but not least, culture and history is a attractive product of tourism in
Vietnam. The history of Vietnam may be unfamiliar for most visitors, with the
exception of Vietnam war period. Vietnamese people, however, have a lot of
reasons to be proud of their historical heritage. Vietnamese are, in fact, one
of the most ancient civilizations in Asia. Did you know that the first
Vietnamese kingdom was founded nearly five thousand years before Vietnam war
happened? Ao dai – the traditional costume of Vietnam Áo Dài was once worn by
both genders but today it is worn mainly by females, except for certain
important traditional culture-related occasions where some men do wear it. Áo
Dài consists of a long gown with a slit on both sides, worn over cotton or silk
trousers. These are 5 vital elements which make the tourism of Vietnam

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Ten years ago the tourism
activity only attracted 250 000 people in 1990, though in 2000 this has timed
9, that is 2 000 000 foreign tourists. The result of the fast pace of the
Vietnamese economy and the huge growth rate 6.8 in 2003, has encouraged the
development of the country. As of 2013, the Vietnam government has intended to
invest no less than $94.2 billion towards its tourism infrastructure. Recently
in 2017, Vietnam received 12.9 million foreign visitors, up nearly 30% compared
to 2016 and serves more than 73 million domestic visitors. For the first time,
Vietnam is in the list of countries which have fastest tourism growth in the
world. Vietnam is ranked No. 6 in 10 destinations with the fastest growth rates
in the world by World Tourism Organization and ranked first in Asian of this
speed. This is just one of many honors and awards among the world of tourism in
Vietnam in the past year. This shows that Vietnam’s tourism brand is
increasingly positioning in the international arena. Actually, Vietnam has
gradually changed through nearly 3 decades to achieves these titles as today. Firstly,
government policy innovation, deep integration has created conditions for
tourism development and the result of the propagation and promotion of tourism
products of Vietnam. Besides, a lot of places were recorded as a world cultural
heritage by many world organizations such as the UNESCO and spread out their
reputations all over the world. In addition, Vietnam is a well-known
destination among budget travellers. Though the price is climbing monthly at a
daunting rate, it is still much cheaper than travelling in other continents.
There is almost every price for every wallet: a 5 star resort in Da Nang will
cost you an equivalent amount to a 3 star hotel near JFK airport. For lower end
market, there are a plenty of hostels and guest-houses in most cities. Food
costs even lower and street foods are among the best in the world. That says,
even in biggest metropolitan areas like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you can get
by a day with $15. Finally, after a series of terrorist attacks across the
country like the US, Indonesia, safety is the top choice for the tourist
destination of tourists. Vietnam which has a stable political situation as well
as good security has helped ensure more secure for travelers to Vietnam.

Besides the positive aspects of
the current tourism industry, it still exist many shortcomings. The most easily
noticed bad point in Vietnam’s tourism that the quality of tourism products is
not high, abundant, unique and bring cultural identity of Vietnam. Many resorts
are not untapped and invest properly. Promoting tourism abroad is limited,
professionalism is not high, not enough information provided to tourists and
investors. Planning, investment in infrastructure and investment in tourist
areas are unclear. Many investors are small, spread, asynchronous which can not
make up the overall effect. Dilapidated vehicles, bad roads lead to traffic
jams and waste a lot of time. Food hygiene is not guaranteed. Environment
pollution is alarming. The majority of tourists come to visit once and then not
come back. Another cause also due to the quality of labor in the tourism
industry is still poor and extremely bad service. The organizations and
management in tourism are unstable. Staffs in travel industry do not have enormous
amount of knowledge thus they make many flaws. Experience in the tourism industry
is not large. Facilities compared to some neighbor countries are obviously
lower. Therefore, these things give Vietnam a very bad reputation amongst
travellers, and word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful kind.

Infrastructure need to be
invested to develop towards modernization and professionalism. Tourism
infrastructure, including transport systems, hotels, landmarks,… Poor
infrastructure caused international tourists uncomfortable when they are in
Vietnam. Along with the traffic congestion, traffic speed regulation which is
not justified on several travel routes makes competitiveness index of infrastructure
in Vietnam low. Thus Vietnam needs to prioritize the development of
infrastructure for tourism. The volume of investment in tourism must be reasonable
and long term. Raising capital from both foreign and private investors. Diversification
of tourism products. In addition to the normal forms of tourism such as sightseeing,
learning the culture, history… Vietnam needs to develop different types of
tourism products as shopping, event promotions, type of service and treatment,
care health, beauty. Pushing up the market research, identifying the key market
for each tourism products. Constructing quality standards of products, tourism
services, strengthen inspection and the quality of monitoring. Diversification
of products which aims to the diversity to stimulate consumer demand of
tourists. Strengthening and promoting Vietnam tourism promotion abroad. Vietnam
to promote tourism to provide tourist information to visitors on a regular
basis, any time, anywhere. For this, need to learn skills outside the market
demand, product tastes and tours of the markets in the region and the world.
APEC conference and the event of Vietnam joining the WTO is one of the
opportunities to promote tourism best ever. Strengthening Vietnam’s presence at
fairs, conferences and international seminars. Held many seminars to promote
tourism in Vietnam. Hire companies promoting the professionalism of foreign
make, build offices, tourist information Vietnam in the foreign market.